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BSD News 28/07/2014

Last week in BSD
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seems like none

Other news

Hibernating to Encrypted softraid(4) Now Supported

With this commit, Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) has added support for hibernating to encrypted softraid(4) devices. This is what he had to say when asked about it:
After RLE support (which went in in Slovenia), the next thing on the list to tackle was softraid crypto. Theo provided the initial idea on how to get the block transforms and crypto bits working over lunch one day in Slovenia and after about three or four days of on-and-off hacking this week, we had it working. Read more...

USB tethering on DragonFly 

Tethering now works via the urndis(4) device, from a patch contributed by Sascha Wildner/tested by Yellow Rabbit.

LibreSSL 2.0.3 Released

Bob Beck (beck@) has announced the release of LibreSSL 2.0.3:
We have released an update, LibreSSL 2.0.3 - which should
be arriving in the LibreSSL directory of an OpenBSD mirror near
you very soon. 
This release includes a number of portability fixes based on the
the feedback we have received from the community. It also includes
some improvements to the fork detection support. 
As noted before, we welcome feedback from the broader community.                
Minimalist HTTP Daemon Activated in Base
Reyk Flöter (reyk@) recently committed the rc(8) glue to make his forked-from-relayd http server usable:
Module name: src
Changes by: 2014/07/22 11:37:16

Modified files:
 usr.sbin       : Makefile 
 etc            : Makefile changelist rc.conf 
Added files:
 etc/rc.d       : httpd 

Log message:
Enable httpd(8) in the builds to get more testing, feedback and
improvements.  It is not "finished" but serves static files.

ok deraadt@
Read more... 

FreeBSD: April-June, 2014 Status Report

The April-June, 2014 Status Report is now available with 24 entries.

DES Challenge IV | BSD Now 47

Coming up this week on the show!
We've got an interview with Dag-Erling Smørgrav, the current security officer of FreeBSD, to discuss what exactly being in such an important position is like.
The latest news, answers to your emails and even some LibreSSL drama, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

rcreload in DragonFly 

Thanks to Zachary Crownover, rcreload is available in DragonFly.  (It’s always good to see a new contributor name.)

pkg 1.3.0 out

So much has happened that it is hard to summarize so I’ll try to highlight the
major points:
- New solver, now pkg has a real SAT solver able to automatically handle
conflicts and dynamically discover them. (yes pkg set -o is deprecated now)
- pkg install now able to install local files as well and resolve their
dependencies from the remote repositories
- Lots of parts of the code has been sandboxed
- Lots of rework to improve portability
- Package installation process has been reworked to be safer and handle properly
the schg flags
- Important modification of the locking system for finer grain locks
- Massive usage of libucl
- Simplification of the API
- Lots of improvements on the UI to provide a better user experience.
- Lots of improvements in multi repository mode
- pkg audit code has been moved into the library
- pkg -o A=B that will overwrite configuration file from cli
- The ui now support long options
- The unicity of a package is not anymore origin
- Tons of bug fixes
- Tons of behaviours fixes
- Way more!

How to Upgrade FreeNAS 9.2.x 

This short tutorial by the FreeNAS team will show you how to upgrade any version of FreeNAS 9.2.x to the latest version. Check out more video tutorials from the FreeNAS channel at How to Upgrade FreeNAS 9.2.x was originally posted on FreeBSD News.

Linux, FreeBSD servers infected to run like Windows bot

A malware with the code name “Mayhem” has recently been found infecting Linux and FreeBSD servers throughout the world. Malware dubbed Mayhem is spreading through Linux and FreeBSD web servers, researchers say. The software nasty uses a grab bag of plugins to cause mischief, and infects systems that are not up to date with security […]

Interesting articles
Unix: Knowing your memory commands
Application awareness of receive side scaling (RSS) on FreeBSD  
Interview: Brent Cook Talks About Porting LibreSSL 

Code stuff
g2k14: Landry Breuil on Taming Mozilla 

g2k14: Matthieu Herrb on Bringing X Forward 

g2k14: Ingo Schwarze on manly stuff 
g2k14: Florian Obser in IPv6 land 
g2k14: Stefan Sperling on wireless drivers 
g2k14: Ken Westerback on DHCP and dump(8) 

mrsas(4) made default for Thunderbolt RAID  
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BSD News 21/07/2014

Last week in BSD
Releases: FreeBSD, GhostBSD
Other news: g2k14, OpenBSD, LibreSSL, DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, BSDCan, GhostBSD, NetBSD, BSDnow, NetBSD, EuroBSDCon,


FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE Now Available 

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE. This is the fourth release of the stable/9 branch, which improves on the stability of FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE and introduces some new features.

Some of the highlights:
  • The zfs(8) filesystem has been updated to support the bookmarks feature.
  • The uname(1) utility has been updated to include the -U and -K flags, which print the __FreeBSD_version for the running userland and kernel, respectively.
  • The fetch(3) library has been updated to support SNI (Server Name Identification), allowing to use virtual hosts on HTTPS.
  • Several updates to gcc(1) have been imported from Google.
  • The hastctl(8) utility has been updated to output the current queue sizes.
  • The protect(1) command has been added, which allows exempting processes from being killed when swap is exhausted.
  • The etcupdate(8) utility, a tool for managing updates to files in /etc, has been merged from head/.
  • A new shared library directory, /usr/lib/private, has been added for internal-use shared libraries.
  • OpenPAM has been updated to Nummularia (20130907).
  • A new flag, "onifconsole" has been added to /etc/ttys. This allows the system to provide a login prompt via serial console if the device is an active kernel console, otherwise it is equivalent to off.
  • Sendmail has been updated to version 8.14.9.
  • BIND has been updated to version 9.9.5.
  • The xz(1) utility has been updated to a post-5.0.5 snapshot.
  • OpenSSH has been updated to version 6.6p1.
  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 0.9.8za.
GhostBSD 4.0 BETA 3 now available

The GhostBSD team is pleased to announce the availability the third BETA build of the 4.0-RELEASE release cycle is available on SourceForge for the amd64 and i386 architectures. This is expected to be the final BETA build of the 4.0-RELEASE cycle.
This release includes some bug fixes as well as new and updated packages. This release also includes the changes from direction GhostBSD is taking, Three workstation that is build a top of MATE desktop Classic, Purity, Element. We hope that you will enjoy this change!

Other news

FreeBSD 9.2 EoL pushed back 

After the recent reminder about the upcoming EoL for FreeBSD 9.2, many
of you have expressed concerns over the fact that support for 9.2 would
end before 9.1, and over the short time available to upgrade from 9.2 to
9.3. As a result of your feedback, we have decided to postpone the EoL
date for 9.2 to December 31, 2014.

Note that due to technical limitations, freebsd-update(8) will continue
to warn about the approaching EoL for 9.2 until the next errata notice
or security advisory is published.

DragonFly powerd: go full speed if killed 

Matthew Dillon changed powerd on DragonFly so that the system is set to max performance if powerd is killed.  Now you’ll know why your fans turned on!

Network Iodometry | BSD Now 46

We're back and this week we'll be showing you how to tunnel out of a restrictive network using only DNS queries.
We also sat down with Bryan Drewery, from the FreeBSD portmgr team, to talk all about their building cluster and some recent changes.
All the latest news and answers to your emails, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.
Security Advisory: NetBSD-SA2014-007 bozohttpd basic http authentication bypass 

When checking for restricted access via .htpasswd files, bozohttpd fails to properly check for truncation, allowing specially crafted requests to bypass access control without a password.  Files of length 10 or more are not affected.

FreeBSD Foundation Accepting Travel Grant Applications (EuroBSDCon 2014) 

For FreeBSD developers interested in attending EuroBSDCon 2014, the FreeBSD Foundation is currently taking applications for travel grants. The FreeBSD Foundation will be providing a limited number of travel grants to individuals requesting assistance. 

EuroBSDCon 2014 Registrations Open 

Registration for the EuroBSDCon 2014 is now officially opened.
This year's conference is in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the important dates are:
  • 25-26 September Thursday & Friday - Tutorials
  • 27-28 September Saturday & Sunday - Main conference
  • 27 September Saturday evening - Social event
As you can see from the program, OpenBSD is fairly well represented (generally one talk in each of three parallel tracks, plus tutorials). Sign up now for early bird rates!

DNS improvements in FreeBSD 11  

Erwin Lansing just posted a summary of the DNS session at the FreeBSD DevSummit that was held in conjunction with BSDCan 2014 in May. It gives a good overview of the current state of affairs, including known bugs and plans for the future.

Code stuff
g2k14: Bob Beck on LibReSSL 
g2k14: Henning Brauer on IPv6, bpf, vlan surgery 
g2k14: Martin Pieuchot on routing and USB 
g2k14: Marc Espie on ports and packages 
g2k14: World of KDE4, Vadim Zhukov (zhuk@) 
g2k14: Martin Pelikan on ext4, filesystems in general 
g2k14: Theo de Raadt on security and configurations 
g2k14: Miod Vallat on LibreSSL 
g2k14: Brent Cook on the portable LibreSSL
g2k14: Paul Irofti on the long road to octhci(4) 
g2k14: Jonathan Gray on driver improvements for X 
g2k14: Sebastian Benoit on chasing down annoyances 
g2k14: Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse on bootloader hacking

FreeBSD Developer Summit – BSDCan 2014 – DNS WG 
FreeBSD Developer Summit – BSDCan 2014 – Ports and Packages WG 

New random algorithms, implementation 
Semaphore test suite added 

In Other BSDs for 2014/07/19 

Interesting articles
Using qemu-user to chroot and bootstrap other architectures on #FreeBSD

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BSD News 14/07/14

Last week in BSD

DragonFly x256 

DragonFly now supports running on up to 256 CPUs.  256 is the initial limit on the basic interrupt controller, and it can be extended further.  It’s been tested on 255 CPUs so far, since that’s the highest number of CPUs you can bring up in qemu.

New Core Team Secretary: Matthew Seaman

The FreeBSD Core Team is glad to announce that Matthew Seaman has assumed the role of Core Team Secretary.
The complete newly elected Core Team is:
Gavin Atkinson <>
David Chisnall <> Baptiste Daroussin <>
Ed Maste <>
George Neville-Neil <>
Hiroki Sato <>
Gleb Smirnoff <>
Peter Wemm <>
Robert Watson <>


g2k14 headsup: relayd(8) filtering language changed  

First Release of LibreSSL Portable Available 

Bob Beck (beck@) announced the release of LibreSSL-portable:
The first release of LibreSSL portable has been released. LibreSSL
can be found in the LibreSSL directory of your favorite OpenBSD mirror. has it, and other mirrors
will soon.

libressl-2.0.0.tar.gz has been tested to build on various versions of
Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, and FreeBSD.

This is intended as an initial release to allow the community to start
using and providing feedback. We will be adding support for
other platforms as time and resources permit.

As always, donations (
are appreciated to assist in our efforts.



Second Release of LibreSSL Portable Available

Bob Beck (beck@) announced the second release of LibreSSL-portable:
We have released an update, LibreSSL 2.0.1

This release includes a number of portability fixes based on the
initial feedback we have received from the community.  This includes
among other things two new configure options to set OPENSSLDIR and
ENGINESDIR. We have removed a few hardcoded compiler options that
were problematic on some systems as well as -Werror. We have also
re-synced with the latest OpenBSD sources as a number of issues
were fixed upstream. This release also includes pkg-config support.

As noted before, we welcome feedback from the broader community.

Bob also writes:
Also starting with this release the directory includes SHA256
signatures which are signed using signify.

The signify public key for libressl is:

untrusted comment: LibreSSL Portable public key
FreeBSD Monthly dashboard

Number of messages to portmgr@: 564 (+53%)
Number of commits on ports: 3,717 (+17%)
Number of ports PRs closed: 873 (+25%)
Active ports committers: 147 (+10%)

LDAP on DragonFly

If you’re looking to use LDAP on DragonFly, follow this thread (read the first, keep going) as people talk about implementing it, what they installed, etc. 

pkg and conflicts

Some dports packages can’t be installed in combination with others.  The easy way to find the conflict without doing the install?  Look for CONFLICTS= in the Makefile.  If you don’t have the dports tree on disk, you can always look online.

ZFS War Stories | BSD Now 45  

This week Allan is at BSDCam in the UK, so we'll be back with a regular episode next week. For now though, here's an interview with Josh Paetzel about some crazy experiences he's had with ZFS.

Code stuff

PC-BSD Feature Digest 31 — Warden CLI upgrade + IRC Announcement 
DragonFly ACPICA updated to 20140627
OpenBSD Heads up: changing mfi to mrsas  
In Other BSDs for 2014/07/12 

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Unix: Never go topless 
iXsystems Unveils All-New TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliance Line 
How to choose passwords to improve your life

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BSD News 07/07/14

Last week in BSD

Releases: nil

Other news: MirOS, MirOS, DragonFly BSD, Hammer, Cadmium UI, JabirOS, BSDnow, NYCBUG, FreeBSD


Am I missing something?

Other news

[MirBSD] mksh R50, jupp 27 released 

Both the MirBSD Korn Shell and jupp – the editor which sucks less have seen new releases today. Please test them, report all bugs, and otherwise enjoy all the bugfixes.
Other subprojects will also have new releases… once I get around doing so after hacking them…

Temporary WITH_NEW_XORG repositories available for FreeBSD 9 and 10 

For people needing WITH_NEW_XORG, an alternate pkg(8) repository is now online. It contains a subset of packages affected by this knob. Please see the announce mail for more details.

2014Q3 Branched

The 2014Q3 branch has just been branched and the package builder has been
updated to use that branch. This means that the next update on the quarterly
packages will be on the 2014Q3 branch.
What happened during the last 3 months:
- 177 different committers have participated
- 9918 commits happened
- diffstat says: 23646 files changed, 554070 insertions(+), 577210 deletions(-)
What does that means for users:
- default Java is now 1.7
- massive conversion to stagedir (93% of the ports are now properly staged)
- massive improvement of the usage of libtool (which reduces a lot overlinking)
- new USES: mono, objc, drupal, gecko, cpe, gssapi, makeinfo
- new Keywords for plist: @sample, @shell
- LibreOffice has been updated to 4.2.5
- Firefox has been updated to 30.0
- Firefox-esr has been updated to 24.6
- Default postgresql has moved from 9.0 to 9.2
- nginx has been updated to 1.6.0
- Default lua is 5.2
- subversion has been split into multiple ports for each features
- On FreeBSD 9-STABLE and 10-STABLE the default xorg 1.12.4 (for default binary
packages it is still 1.7.7)
- Improved QA checking in the infrastructure
- Info files are handle correctly even if base has been built WITHOUT_INFO
- Ancient emacs version has been cleaned out

Default DragonFly/pf keep-policy changed

Matthew Dillon changed the default keep-policy in DragonFly to:
set keep-policy keep state (pickups, sloppy)
This is to match other BSDs (which?  I don’t know) and reduce overhead, according to the commit.
Cadmium UI, a new way for internet-based operating system.

plans for JabirOS 2.1 is an operating system with two sides! one internet-bases, and one HDD-based. Our internet-based side is made up of :
  1. HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script based GUI,
  2. rollApp based web-applications
  3. DuckDuck Go search section in main GUI
  4. Tabbed Browsing alongside GUI.
Also, we’ve selected Firefox web browser as a base for running our HTML5-based GUI. The GUI’s name is Cadmium - CadmiumUI demo, for everyone thinks different.

BSDday (, University of Buenos Aires' Faculty of natural and exact sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina 9 August, 2014. BSDday Argentina is a conference for users, sysadmins and developers of BSD software and based systems. The conference is for anyone developing, deploying and using systems based on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD and others *BSD. BSDday Argentina is a technical conference and aims to collect the best technical papers and presentations available to ensure that the latest developments in our open source community are shared with the widest possible audience.

Base ISO 100 | BSD Now 44

This time on the show, we'll be sitting down to talk with Craig Rodrigues about Jenkins and the FreeBSD testing infrastructure. Following that, we'll show you how to roll your own OpenBSD ISOs with all the patches already applied... ISO can't wait!
This week's news and answers to all your emails, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

Code stuff

In Other BSDS for 2014/07/05  

Interesting Articles

Hammer and buffers 
How to keep Hammer empty 
NYCBUG: Introduction to Timekeeping, 2014/07/02
Getting to know your portmgr-lurker: William Grzybowski   


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Small update

So small update about why I was not writing BSD News for 2 weeks.

As you might know, I am intern in India, one small start-up. And as it goes in India, sometimes you can get chance to do extra in some Bollywood movie. So that's what I did last week Monday and so. Then I was ill so I was without net to write.

This week I am too busy at my work, as I need to finish something by tomorrow. So...

Let's hope next week all will go as usual and I will be able to write again.