BSD News 13/11/2017

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News: BSDSec, p2k17, LibreSSL, DragonFly BSD, BSDnow, Minix, OpenBSD
Releases: DragonFly BSD


LibreSSL 2.6.3 Released


DragonFly 5.0.1 released

This is a bugfix release, adding HAMMER2 support in initrd, among other cleanup commits.


We love the ARC | BSD Now 219

Papers we love: ARC by Bryan Cantrill, SSD caching adventures with ZFS, OpenBSD full disk encryption setup & a Perl5 Slack Syslog BSD daemon.

DragonFlyBSD: kernel ppp gone; ppp still there

The ppp kernel module has been removed. It’s still possible to run ppp(8) in userland, with tun(4), so it’s only a change in strategy, not result.

Dragonfly BSD: sys_pipe reoptimized

sys_pipe has been modified to avoid contention on DragonFly, which means better performance as tasks get handed between processors.

Interesting articles

MINIX — The most popular OS in the world, thanks to Intel

In Other BSDs for 2017/11/11

p2k17 Hackathon

OpenBSD is holding hackathons as an attempt to get new changes into the source tree quickly. Here are some reports from the latest: 
Jeremy Evans on ruby progress, postgresql and webdriver work

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