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RELEASE: SoloBSD 10.3-BETA3-v41

RELEASE: SoloBSD 10.3-BETA3-v41.1

There is a new build of SoloBSD 10.3-BETA3 based on the latest HardenedBSD stable branch version 41.1
You can grab it from Here. (42.2 Mb)
root password: solobsd

OPNsense 16.1.5 released

full patch notes:
  • ports: squid 3.5.15[1], unbound 1.5.7 hotfix[2], pkg 1.6.4 hotfix[3], openssl 1.0.2g[4]
  • services: infrastructure rework for plugin additions
  • openvpn: added copy/move to client-specific overrides
  • openvpn: allow binding client-specific overrides to specific server(s)
  • openvpn: service on/off toggle via overview pages
  • openvpn: fix problem with service status display
  • openvpn: when services are disabled, make sure a reconfigure will always stop the associated process
  • vpn: transform PPTP, L2TP and PPPoE servers to plugin addition to be removed from base install for 16.7
  • vpn: add proper service probing for PPTP, L2TP and PPPoE servers
  • interfaces: added RFC 4638 support (MTU > 1492 in PPPoE)
  • ntp: disable when no servers are set
  • language: updates for Chinese, French and German



FreeBSD Project to participate in Google Summer of Code 2016

The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce its participation in Google's 2016 Summer of Code program, which funds summer students to participate in open source projects. This will be the FreeBSD Project's twelfth year in the program, having mentored over 180 successful students through summer-long coding projects between 2005 and 2015.

Past successful projects have included improvements to Linux ABI emulation, NFSv4 ACLs, TCP regression testing, FUSE file system support, and countless other projects. Many students go on to become FreeBSD developers, as well as participating in FreeBSD developer events around the world through continuing support from the FreeBSD Foundation.

Prospective participants are invited to apply; more information is available, including proposal and deadline information, on the FreeBSD Summer Projects page.

LibreSSL not affected by DROWN attack

As noted by Bernard Spil, the OpenSSL bugs disclosed on 2016-03-01 have very little impact on LibreSSL, especially on OpenBSD. However, we will briefly mention the two high-profile issues:

  • LibreSSL (on any platform) is not affected by DROWN. Support for SSLv2 was flensed out quite a while ago.
  • Cachebleed is local-only, and requires a lot effort to get. This is thought to be very difficult to exploit on OpenBSD due to many of the normal mitigations on an OpenBSD system. Other systems without such mitigations may not be so lucky. Edit: Update from Bob Beck ([email protected]):

    OpenBSD 5.9 network improvements

    There are no doubt many eyes on OpenBSD's continuing network SMP renovation. Hrvoje Popovski writes in to tell us about some performance testing he's been doing:
    My name is Hrvoje Popovski, I'm a husband, a father of 3 little kids and network engineer at University of Zagreb University Computing Centre – SRCE. Somewhere around the beginning of 2015, I got one server to play with that luckily had four em(4) (Intel I350) and two ix(4) (Intel 82599) onboard NICs. Around that time, developers started to throw out some interesting MP diffs, and I couldn't resist trying them. So I started to beg my boss and people around me to buy or lend me some PCs or servers to generate traffic with the MP diffs. I don't know how, but two Dell servers came to my lab...

    Stable pkgsrc-2015Q4 branch released

    The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the pkgsrc-2015Q3 branch. There are 16846 possible packages in pkgsrc-2015Q4, up from 16764 last quarter. Notable new packages this quarter include kodi (home media center software previously known as xbmc), php-baikal (a CardDAV/CalDAV server), freecol (a Colonization clone), unicorn (a CPU emulator framework), and clang-static-analyzer.

    BSD Behind The Chalkboard | BSD Now 131

    This week on the show, we have an interview with Jamie McParland of the Newburg public school district in Oregon. We are going to get an inside look at how they use BSD in various aspects operations across their network, as well as bringing you the latest news and questions. Keep it tuned to BSDNow, the place to B...SD!

    Pre-orders for 5.9 are up!

    OpenBSD 5.9 is shaping up to be quite a big release, and pre-orders for the CD sets have just been activated. Read more...

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