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HardenedBSD-stable 10-STABLE v42.1

HardenedBSD-10-STABLE-v42.1 -

SoloBSD 10.3-PRERELEASE-v42.1

There is a new build of SoloBSD 10.3-PRERELEASE based on the latest HardenedBSD stable branch version 42.1
- Changelog v42.1


FreeBSD 10.3-RC2

Marius Strobl has announced the availability of the second release candidate for the upcoming stable release of FreeBSD 10.3: "The second release candidate build of the 10.3-RELEASE release cycle is now available. Noteworthy changes since 10.3-RC1: under certain circumstances, 'zfs send -i', i. e. incremental ZFS send, could lead to data corruption, which has been addressed by importing an upstream fix; boot loaders and kernel have been taught to handle ELF sections of type SHT_AMD64_UNWIND just the same as SHT_PROGBITS when loading modules; while not directly relevant for 10.3-RELEASE, CLANG as of version 3.8 started to produce sections of the former type in amd64 modules and this changes will simplify upgrades from 10.3-RELEASE to 11.0-RELEASE later on; as part of closing or syncing a hash(3)-based database file, fsync(2) now is called on the latter - this ensures that changes are on disk when shutting down a machine, which previously was not always the case with soft updates in place." See the complete release announcement for further details. Download the amd64 and i386 installation DVD images from here: FreeBSD-10.3-RC2-amd64-dvd1.iso (2,636MB, SHA256), FreeBSD-10.3-RC2-i386-dvd1.iso (2,446MB, SHA256).

OPNsense 16.1.6

This time around, DHCP and DNS have been freshened up thoroughly, removing both potential and real problems from the GUI and underneath. Additionally, the proxy server gained ICAP support and a category-based remote block list selection. Our firmware mirror support has finally been extended so that it is now possible to pull all updates from a single mirror, which will very soon make it possible to run a local mirror for your internal installations. We are also shipping the original FreeBSD OpenSSL patch, although the security issues cannot not surface on OPNsense.   


New Video Tutorial on the Pipelight Plugin and Netflix in PC-BSD

We recently looked at the pipelight port that recently received a patch in the ports tree and made a video for you guys.
I’ll just leave this here…
Watching Netflix in PC-BSD

The VAX platform is no more

After much internal discussion, OpenBSD has officially discontinued support for the VAX architecture. In a series of commits, Theo de Raadt puts the platform to rest. Read more... 

Scaling up with BSD | BSD Now 132

This week, Allan & I are away at AsiaBSDCon! (If you aren’t there, you are missing out). We will be back with a live episode next week. However, we’ve been asked for Allan to tell us about ScaleEngine’s use of BSD for a while now & we want to take this time to share it with you.
That & some Beastie Bits for your consumption, all this week on BSDNow.

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