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OPNsense 15.7.24 Released

Most notably, the firewall pages received a lot of subtle tweaks to improve user experience. Secondly, the firmware pages gained the plugins management feature. And last but not least, the kernel and base upgrade gained better signature support[1] that ties right into FreeBSD’s pkg verification mechanism, how cool is that!


[OS X] Unleash your inner console cowboy

2 weeks has passed since the first video on DiscoverBSD talks, so it's about time for the new one.

Last time we were watching Early days of Unix and design of sh presented by Stephen R. Bourne at BSDCan 2015 so when I found presentation called Unleash your inner console cowboy, I was quite happy that we can continue in similar topic.

So second video of 2016 is:
Unleash your inner console cowboy presented by Kenneth Geisshirt at ├średev 2015
This talk will go through how to use the command-line/terminal/shell efficiently (key bindings, pipes, redirection, etc.), and general patterns and pitfall in shell scripting will be discussed (checking if a file exists, looping, etc.). To feel the real power of OS X, knowing how to write shell scripts is essential.
I hope that you will join me in discussion.

Get your engine(x) started! | BSD Now 124

This week on the show, we have a very full news roster to rundown, plus an oldie, but goodie with Igor of the nginx project. That plus all your questions and feedback, keep it tuned to BSDNow, the place to B...SD.

OpenSSH: client bugs CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778

This is the most serious bug you'll hear about this week: the issues identified and fixed in OpenSSH are dubbed CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778. An early heads up came from Theo de Raadt in this mailing list posting.
Until you are able to patch affected systems, the recommended workaround is to use
# echo -e 'Host *\nUseRoaming no' >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config
That is, add the option UseRoaming no to your /etc/ssh/ssh_config (or your user's ~/.ssh/config) file, or start your ssh client with -oUseRoaming=no included on the commandline.
We will be updating this article with more information as it becomes available. Read more...

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Xen Support Enabled in OpenBSD -current

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