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News PC-BSD review

Joshua Allen Holm of gave PC-BSD an awesome review on their web blog!   Head on over and check it out!   Make sure to comment on their blog to show your thanks for supporting PC-BSD.

ZFS in the trenches | BSD Now 123

This week on BSDNow, we will be talking shop with Josh Paetzel of FreeNAS fame, hearing about his best dos and don'ts of using ZFS in production. Also, a quick look back at 2015 & lots of stuff to start talking about for 2016; Welcome to another exciting year of BSD Now!

New ports utility for DragonFly: Synth

John Marino has opened up his new utility for testing: Synth.  It’s made for building custom package repositories, similar to poudriere, but much less setup work.  If you’ve ever said “I like binary installs, but I want my own build options”, this is for you.  The README includes screenshots to show all the things it can do.

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