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BSD is go for Launch | BSD Now 118

We know init systems have been all the rage recently, from systemd to openrc, launchd & even nosh, a lot of work is being done in this arena. Today we will be interviewing Mark Heily to discuss his efforts on relaunchd & how it differs from the rest!

Preparing multitouch support - request for tests

Ulf Brosziewski ([email protected]) writes to [email protected]:
The diffs below contain a complete and extensive rewrite of the input-processing parts of wsmouse and the interface it provides to the hardware drivers. It prepares the support for various kinds of multitouch input, as well as an extended support for touchpads by wsmouse.

bsdtalk259 - Supporting a BSD Project

A recording from vBSDCon 2015 of the talk titled "Supporting a BSD Project" with Ed Maste and George Neville-Neil.
File Info: 65Min, 31MB.
Ogg Link:

Show Your Support for FreeBSD

Dear FreeBSD Community Member:
Did you know your contribution to the FreeBSD Foundation makes a direct impact on the FreeBSD Project?
 Your donations:
  • Fund work to improve FreeBSD such as improving UEFI booting and the vt(4) system console and porting FreeBSD to the new AArch64 64-bit ARM architecture.
  • Send people to conferences to meet and work with other developers.
  • Buy hardware needed to improve the Project’s infrastructure.
  • Advocate for FreeBSD to recruit new people to the Project, and educate people on FreeBSD.
That’s just the beginning. In honor of #GivingTuesday, help the Foundation by sending in your donation today. It's only with your help that we can continue and increase our support to make FreeBSD the high-performance, secure, and reliable OS you know and love.
Thank you for your support. We can't do this without you!
Deb Goodkin

Update for recent DragonFly-master systems

If you are running DragonFly-master (i.e. 4.5), and you have a system between these two updates (roughly between November 27th and now), please rebuild your kernel to avoid a TCP bug.

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