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OPNsense new images based on 15.7.18

We’re releasing new images! It’s nothing special as we recommend the weekly online updates, but in case you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing something older than it should be, the new 15.7.18 images are for you.
People sometimes wonder why we don’t provide images all the time. The answer is it’s time consuming to test images and roll a release out amounting to about a full day of work given that everything works out and we don’t have to go through another rebuild cycle. We simply can’t do this for every week’s update without full test coverage. Then again, this idiosyncrasy directly translates to more code fixes, faster releases and quicker response time, something that we can all agree on, right?
You can find the latest release announcement here:
The checksums are attached below and you can obtain the images from any of our mirrors listed here:


Running with clang

If you are using clang with DragonFly, and you want to always run the newest version, you can set options in compilers.conf, and use ‘clangnext‘.

Controlling the Transmissions | BSD Now 115

Allan is back from the latest FreeBSD Dev Summit & we’ll get to hear his recap of the event. We also have an interview with Hiren, who will be telling us about the ongoing work of improving the TCP stack in FreeBSD.

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