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bsdtalk258 - Chris Henschen from fP Technologies

Oct 2015 is the 20th anniversary of the OpenBSD source tree!
This episode is brought to you by the id utility, which returns the user identity.  id appeared in 4.4 BSD.
An interview from vBSDCon 2015 with Chris Henschen from fP Technologies.  They recently ported their filePro Plus product to FreeBSD.
File Info: 6Min, 3MB
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Developer interview roundup

Polish BSD news site has been conducting interviews with various OpenBSD developers for the 20th anniversary. Each one covers some background info on the interviewee, how and why they got into OpenBSD and what they're looking forward to. The series has just concluded, and you can find the complete list here: Read more...

What’s Next for BSD? | BSD Now 113

Coming up on this week’s episode, we have an interview Jordan Hubbard about the new NextBSD project & the future of BSD. Also Allan's re-cap of the OpenZFS conference & of course your latest news!

End of life for NetBSD 5.x on November 9

In keeping with NetBSD's policy of supporting only the current (7.x) and next most recent (6.x) release majors, the release of NetBSD 7.0 marks the end of life for the 5.x branches. As in the past, a month of overlapping support is being provided in order to ease the migration to newer releases.
On November 9, the following branches will no longer be maintained:
  • netbsd-5-2
  • netbsd-5-1
  • netbsd-5
  • There will be no more pullups to the branches (even for security issues)
  • There will be no security advisories made for any of the 5.x releases
  • The existing 5.x releases on will be moved into /pub/NetBSD-archive/
We hope 7.0 serves you well!

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