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Jibbed NetBSD 7.0 for Flash Drives released

Long Time No See! Hello and welcome back after three years. What's the news ? We are retiring the good old LiveCD and saying welcome to NetBSD for flash drives. Please find images prepared for amd64 and i386 and Virtualbox below for download.

The images contain a default installation of NetBSD 7.0 that works directly from the flash drive without touching your hard drive. With it, you can try out NetBSD, configure and customize the system directly on the the flash drive. Please have a look at the screenshots to get an impression. Be curious and get involved with the community

OpenBSD 5.8 released

October 18th, 2015: The OpenBSD team marks the 20th anniversary of the project today with the general availability of OpenBSD 5.8.
We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 5.8.
This is our 38th release on CD-ROM (and 39th via FTP/HTTP).  We remain
proud of OpenBSD's record of twenty years with only two remote holes in
the default install.

As in our previous releases, 5.8 provides significant improvements,
including new features, in nearly all areas of the system:
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Wayland on DragonFly

Imre Vadász has put together an initial port of Wayland / Weston for DragonFly.  You can look at his pull request for dports to see how to install, though I’d imagine this is only for people who like to experiment at this point.  It’s still work in progress, as is Wayland itself.

Xenocratic Oath | BSD Now 111

Coming up on this weeks episode, we have BSD news, tidbits and articles out the wazoo to share. Also, be sure to stick around for our interview with Brandon Mercer as he tells us about OpenBSD being used in the healthcare industry.

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