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OPNsense 15.7.17 Released

Here are the full patch notes:
  • ports: both LibreSSL and OpenSSL now support AES-NI acceleration
  • ports: curl 7.45 [1], squid 3.5.10 [2], unbound 1.5.5 [3], libressl 2.2.4 [4]
  • layout: bumped font awesome to 4.4
  • dhcp: dhcpd leases did not always reload dhcpleases daemon
  • openvpn: fix Strict USer/CN matching checkbox behaviour
  • ipsec: fix tunnel identification when using NAT
  • dns filter: add OpenDNS IPv6 servers
  • dns resolver: fix apply glitch that would blank the settings temporarily
  • log files: search is now case-insensitive
  • firmware: improved reboot detection feedback
  • crash reporter: improved wording as reports without contact info may be hard to fix
  • virtual ip: fix possible apply glitch with new VIP
  • synchronisation: do not error on target down, log it instead
  • languages: French is at 35% and German is at 65% complete now
  • development: the captive portal has been replaced with a newly implemented variant based on our MVC standards — if you still want to use the old one please use the release package instead (although any feedback for the new captive portal is greatly appreciate


FuguIta 5.8

FuguIta is the LiveCD/LiveUSB system which was based on OpenBSD operating system.


Tracing the source | BSD Now 112

This week Allan is away at a ZFS conference, so it seems fitting that we have a great interview with Adam Leventhal where we get to discuss all kinds of ZFS & DTrace history. That plus the latest news and some items we couldn’t get to last week, so stay tuned, BSDNow is coming your way right now!

EuroBSDCon 2014 Videos Online

No, that's not a typo; the videos for EuroBSDCon 2014 are finally online. The OpenBSD presentations were:
  • Making OpenBSD Useful on the Octeon Network Gear, Paul Irofti (slides, video)
  • Using routing domains / tables in a production network, Peter Hessler (slides, video)
  • Making make parallel - legacy code nightmare, Marc Espie (slides, video)
  • arc4random - 1996 to present, Theo de Raadt (slides, video)
  • Let's make manuals more useful!, Ingo Schwarze (slides, videos: part 1, part 2, paper)
  • Developing Software in a Hostile Environment, Ted Unangst (paper, video)
  • Taming OpenBSD Network Stack Dragons, Martin Pieuchot (slides, video)
  • LibreSSL: More Than 30 Days Later, Ted Unangst (paper, video)
  • vscsi(4) and iscsid iSCSI initiator the OpenBSD way, Claudio Jeker (slides, video)
  • Secure Lazy Binding, Philip Guenther (slides, video)
  • OpenBGPD turns 10 years Design, Implementation, Lessons learned, Henning Brauer (video)


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