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Releases: OPNsense
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From the third-party and/or security side not much has happened recently. We’re shipping the latest Bind and Squid, for details see the provided links. Here are the full patch notes:
  • config: don’t set login auto-complete on factory reset
  • config: fix faulty timezone on factory reset
  • config: improve config migration path for legacy config imports
  • config: new home in system section for the config history and backups
  • config: improved the config history differential view
  • notable port upgrades: bind 9.10.3 [1], squid 3.5.9 [2]
  • firmware: added Supranet Communications mirror (Middleton, US)
  • firewall: reworked rules, schedules, virtual ip, nat and aliases pages
  • users: removed special handling of the `all’ group
  • crash reporter: fixed 9 minor problem reports
  • wireless: only advertise supported modes of operation
  • system: fix theme selection for user-added themes
  • menu: fix expand on all interface edit pages
  • ntp: improve service status probing
  • diagnostics: fix authentication tester to work in conjunction with translations
  • languages: added French translation (33% complete)
  • languages: updated German translation (57% complete)


bsdtalk257 - NetBSD Developer Christos Zoulas

An interview with NetBSD developer Christos Zoulas at vBSDCon 2015.
File Info: 15Min, 7MB.
Ogg Link:

OpenBSD 5.8 CD sets and swag shipping soon

The OpenBSD 5.8 pre-orders are about to ship. The OpenBSD Store twitter account tweeted with a picture of soon-to-be-shipped CD sets on Saturday, September 26th:
OpenBSD 5.8 stock has arrived. Shipping isn't too far off. Get your orders in! :-)
— OpenBSD Store (@openbsdeurope) September 26, 2015
Get your orders in! There are T-shirts and various other swag to be had, too.

DragonFly 4.0 users should upgrade

If you happen to still be running DragonFly 4.0 – that’s two releases ago and not supported – you may be noticing less ports are building.  There’s been enough significant changes in DragonFly since that release that it’s reducing the number of buildable ports.
DragonFly 4.0 to 4.2 is not a difficult jump, so jump when you can.  The converse of this, of course, is that there’s even more building on 4.2 and DragonFly-current.

ServeUp BSD | BSD Now 108

This week on the show, Allan is heading to Sweden, but we have a great interview with Andrew Pantyukhin to bring you. We will be discussing everything from contributions to FreeBSD, which technologies worked best in the datacenter, config management & more!

XDC2015: DragonFly and graphics

There’s been a lot of improvements to DragonFly and graphics support recently, and Francois Tigeot gave a talk at the 2015 X.Org Developer’s Conference outlining just how much has changed.  He’s posted the slides.

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