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Releases: SmallWall, NetBSD, OPNsense, PC-BSD
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SmallWall 1.8.4b9 beta release

Just released a new beta with a MUCH newer version of SNMP. Now supports v2 and 64bit counters for network monitoring. Also may have fixed some memory and CPU monitoring bugs from a long way back. 

NetBSD 7.0_RC3

The full list of changes can be found near the bottom of
Binaries of NetBSD 7.0_RC3 are available for download at:
Those who prefer to build from source can either use the netbsd-7-0-RC3 tag or follow the netbsd-7 branch.

OPNsense 15.7.9 Released

These are the full patch notes:
  • firmware: functional rework of update fetch and install, show reboot needed in alert box
  • interfaces: fixed spurious truncated interface names from showing up in the assignments
  • intrusion detection: improved rule select/deselect behaviour and alert querying
  • firewall/rules: fix missing apply button when another language is being used
  • crash reporter: multiple fixes, layout and submission improvements
  • firewall/logs: can now filter using IP version
  • firewall/nat: add anti-lockout rule for redirection
  • certificates: fix generation for LibreSSL flavour
  • openvpn: allow advanced settings for all server types
  • openvpn: reworked all configuration pages (especially client export)
  • ipsec: reworked all configuration pages

PC-BSD 10.2-RELEASE Now Available

  • FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE base system
  • Many bugfixes and enhancements to installer to dual-boot setups
  • New CD-sized network installation media, with Wifi Configuration via GUI
  • Switched to “iocage” for jail management backend
  • Disk Manager GUI now available via installer GUI
  • Bug-fixes and improvements to Life-Preserver replications
  • Improved localization options for login manager
  • Options to Enable / Disable SSHD or IPv6 at installation
  • New “Plugins” system for AppCafe, allowing download of pre-built jail environments
  • Improvements to look-n-feel of AppCafe for package management
  • Improved fonts and better support for 4K monitor setups
  • Enterprise package repo, which only has security updates, allowing users to run a server / desktop or jail with fairly consistent package versions.
  • Firefox 40.0_1,1
  • Chromium 44.0.2403.130
  • Thunderbird 38.1.0
  • Lumina 0.8.6
  • GNOME 3.16.2

Other news

Raspberry Pi gains new FreeBSD distribution

Raspberry Pi owners can dig out their SD-card formatting tools of choice again, because a new version of FreeBSD has emerged for the machines,
RaspBSD will work on the Pi models B and B+ and promises to run on more “soon”. The “more” looks like including the BeagleBone Black and the Banana Pi.
FreeBSD has been available on the Pi for some time, as recorded in this post by the Pi foundation. This cut of the OS is the work of FreeBSD contributor and forum administrator Brad Davis, who says “The Goal of this project is to build images easily useable by anyone. Sometimes that means images preloaded with different packages to help new users get started.”
“Initially they will start off pretty basic, but will expand in different directions to support different goals. Initial goals include Education and Entertainment. All of our images are built using publicly available tools and any enhancements will be pushed upstream.”
If that sounds like you, offers you the chance to download and play with the new OS.

OpenBSD 5.8 Preorders Enabled, Release Song Published

Two important events of the OpenBSD 5.8 release cycle happened today:
  • On the Orders page, pre-orders for the new release have been enabled
  • On the Lyrics page, the OpenBSD 5.8 release song has been published, with links to OGG and MP3 formats available.
The release date is October 18th, to mark the 20th anniversary of creation the OpenBSD CVS tree, as Theo de Raadt ([email protected]) noted in the announcement:

Ubuntu Slaughters Kittens | BSD Now 103

Allan's away at BSDCam this week, but we've still got an exciting episode for you. We sat down with Bryan Cantrill, CTO of Joyent, to talk about a wide variety of topics: dtrace, ZFS, pkgsrc, containers & much more. This is easily our longest interview to date!

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