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kernel patch available 
tar/pax/cpio patch available


 MidnightBSD 0.6-RELEASE 

This release is primarily a security fix and mport package tool release. 

OpenBSD 5.7 Released 

May 1st, 2015, Calgary, AB, CA and elsewhere:
OpenBSD 5.7 has been released. The brand new 5.7 subdirectory should now be available and filled up on all relevant mirrors for those of you who have yet to receive your CD orders.
The release announcement, posted on project mailing lists earlier today, and the release home page both mention some highlights of the new release, while the complete changelog for the release is available on the OpenBSD website.
While you are too late to be the first to preorder a shiny OpenBSD release CD set, you can order one of your own, as well as a very cool 5.7-release poster.

5.7 CDs delayed 

PC-BSD 10.1.2-RC1, Lumina Desktop 0.8.4 Released! 

The PC-BSD team is pleased to announce the availability of RC1 images for the upcoming quarterly 10.1.2 release. Please test these images out and report any issues found on our bug tracker.
What else is new in PC-BSD 10.1.2? How about a new version of the Lumina Desktop Environment! PC-BSD users who stick to the “Production” branch of packages will find that the Lumina desktop has evolved/improved an incredible amount since the last quarterly update for PC-BSD (10.1.1), so I highly recommend that you try it out! The release notes for this new version are also listed at the bottom of this announcement for those of you who have been tracking along with its development, so please try it out and let us know what you think!


OpenBSD has accepted projects from Google Summer of Code 2015

The OpenBSD page for Google Summer of Code 2015 has been updated with the list of accepted projects for this year.
Asynchronous USB Transfers From Userland
ARM SD/MMC Driver & Controller Driver In libsa For OpenBSD
Port HAMMER2 to OpenBSD
Implement KMS Driver For Cirrus Cards
Improving USB Userland Tools And ioctl(2)
Automating Module Porting
Many thanks to those that responded, and we wish the best of luck on all projects!  

On the List | BSD Now 87

Coming up this time on the show, we'll be speaking with Christos Zoulas, a NetBSD security officer. He's got a new project called blacklistd, with some interesting possibilities for stopping bruteforce attacks. We've also got answers to your emails and all this week's news, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD. 

FreeBSD January–March, 2015 Status Report

The January–March, 2015 Status Report is now available.

Code stuff

 Hammer spreads via GSoC
 In Other BSDs for 2015/05/02 
 HardenedBSD Backport to 10-STABLE 

Interesting Articles

 EU study recommends OpenBSD 
 TrueNAS High-Availability (HA) Explained 
From the Trenches, Tips & Tricks Edition: Hacking "/ on ZFS" and GELI Encrypted Drives, the Old-School Way 
 [04/29/2015] jail.conf hack when upgrading from FreeBSD 9.x to 10. 


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