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Releases: MidnightBSD, OPNSense
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[Midnightbsd-security] 0.6-RELEASE


Midnightbsd 0.6-RELEASE 

This release is primarily a security fix and mport package tool release. 

If you are updating an existing system, after installing 0.6, you can use mport upgrade to update packages with 0.6 versions. It is recommended that you delete /usr/mports/Packages and run mport clean to remove old package remnants.

OPNsense version Released 

Here is the full change log of
  • captive portal: fixed rule generation on empty IP
  • gui: print current user in upper right corner along with the hostname
  • user manager: fixed empty password error when creating a new user
  • high availability: don’t trigger sync when not configured
  • interfaces: added the hn(4) interfaces as ALTQ capable
  • configuration: do not overwrite the default configuration on firmware updates
  • ipsec: fixed road warrior authentication
  • openvpn: fixed client edit link
  • ports: sqlite 3.8.9
  • ports: strongswan fix for xauth (road warrior-related)
  • ports: PHP 5.6.8
  • ports: pkg(ng) 1.5.1
  • development: kickstarted language support via English translation (.pot file)
  • development: further progress on the proxy feature/MVC framework
  • development: improved the live mount to propagate the mounted version into the dashboard
The update is not available via install media, but you can just as well download 15.1.9 from a mirror and upgrade with a few simple clicks:

Other news

Business as Usual | BSD Now 86   

Coming up this time on the show, we'll be chatting with Antoine Jacoutot about how M:Tier uses BSD in their business. After that, we'll be discussing the different release models across the BSDs, and which style we like the most. As always, answers to your emails and all the latest news, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

CfP extended for EuroBSDCon 2015 

Due to overwhelming response, the deadline for submitting talks to EuroBSDCon has been extended:
Since there was a huge rush of submissions just on the very last day, we have decided to give a second chance for all of you that didn’t quite finish your talk or tutorial proposal in time for the deadline.
The new date is set to May 22nd, but you don’t have to wait until the very last moment. Send in your suggestions right away. We think there still is room for some more topics related to *BSD left to present.
For those of you who already have sent in yours, we are very happy to see so many good submissions. Don’t hesitate to add another topic to your submissions if you haven’t run out of good ideas yet.
If you've been sitting on that paper, now's the time to ship it! 

PC-BSD and 4K — Oh my!

I had recently seen some chatter on IRC about 4K monitor support. One of the people discussing stated that PC-BSD didn’t support 4K monitors, which was curious to me, since I hadn’t tried it yet. This week I did something about that, and ended up getting two 4K monitors and a new video card (With triple DisplayPort) to do some testing.

Code stuff

p2k15 Hackathon Report: [email protected] on USE_GROFF
CPU, RAM temperature monitoring
GCC 5 released, switched 
Building only one compiler 
NFS and Hammer slaves 
Building only one compiler 
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