Small BSDSec and DiscoverBSD changes

As I mentioned a bit earlier, there is a need to change hosting for

I am migrating app to heroku and as of now, everything seems to works just fine. You can see it live here:

I am now using domain for email (took some time, right?) and there was no data loss so after everything is finished we will have old SA as well. Not sure when I will finish the migration (I only need to change where domain is), but if you have some troubles with accessing it, that's probably me doing stuff. 


Lately, I have noticed that (without www and so) was redirecting to my domain registrar. You might have noticed as well.

So current status is that all forms of address will now redirect to

Please let me know if there is some problem with it.


I added Google ads. Well, I do not expect to make a lot of money, but when one day I run of free hosts for BSDSec, I plan to use that money.

Two days of adds and someone from France clicked on it and I make €0.04. Not bad ;] 

Feel free to run AdBlock of any kind. I am doing it as well. 


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