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PC-BSD Notable Changes
* Cinnamon 2.2.14
* Chromium 37.0.2062.94
* NVIDIA Driver 340.24
* Lumina desktop 0.6.2-beta
* Pkg 1.3.7
* Various fixes to the Appcafe Qt UI
* Bugfixes to Warden / jail creation
* Fixed a bug with USB media not always being bootable
* Fixed several issues with Xorg setup
* Improved Boot-Environments to allow “beadm activate” to set default
* Support for jail “bulk” creation via Warden
* Fixes for relative ZFS dataset mount-point creation via Warden
* Support for full-disk (GELI) encryption without an unencrypted /boot partition
Along with our traditional PC-BSD DVD ISO image, we have also created a CD-sized ISO image of TrueOS, our server edition.
This is a text-based installer which includes FreeBSD 10.0-Release under the hood. It includes the following features:
* ZFS on Root installation
* Boot-Environment support
* Command-Line versions of PC-BSD utilities, such as Warden, Life-Preserver and more.
* Support for full-disk (GELI) encryption without an unencrypted /boot partition
We have some additional features also in the works for 10.1 and later, stay tuned this fall for more information.

FreeBSD 10.1-BETA1 Now Available 

The first BETA build of the 10.1-RELEASE release cycle is now available on the FTP servers for the amd64, armv6, i386, ia64, powerpc, powerpc64 and sparc64 architectures. The image checksums follow are included in the original announcement email.
Installer images and memory stick images are available here.If you notice problems you can report them through the Bugzilla PR system or on the -stable mailing list.If you would like to use SVN to do a source based update of an existing system, use the "stable/10" branch.A list of changes since 10.0-RELEASE are available on the stable/10 release notes page.
[FreeBSD-Announce] FreeBSD Security Advisory FreeBSD-SA-14:18.openssl 
NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-009: Multiple vulnerabilities in the execve system call 
NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-010: Multiple vulnerabilities in the compatibility layers
NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-011: User-controlled memory allocation in the modctl system call 
NetBSD Security Advisory 2014-012: Memory leak in the setsockopt system call

Other news

The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (2nd Ed.)   
The most complete, authoritative technical guide to the FreeBSD kernel’s internal structure has now been extensively updated to cover all major improvements between Versions 5 and 11. Approximately one-third of this edition’s content is completely new, and another one-third has been extensively rewritten. This book is due to release on September 15, 2014. You can […]

HardenedBSD i386 Package Repo Live

The i386 package repo based on the hardened/current/master branch is now live! The packages are signed by us. The RSA certificate used for package signing can be found attached to this post and can additionally be found here. The repository can be found here. We will be updating the i386 repo on a weekly basis.

Luminary Environment | BSD Now 54  

This week on the show, it's all about Lumina. We'll be giving you a visual walkthrough of the new BSD-exclusive desktop environment, as well as chatting with the main developer. There's also answers to your emails and all the latest news, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

 Lumina for DragonFly 

In a bit of perfect timing, PC-BSD’s desktop environment, Lumina, has been ported to DragonFly, thanks to mneumann!  It’s not in dports yet, but it should be buildable from source…

2 Years of ArchBSD 

ArchBSD has been around for 2 years now. To view a complete list of what has been acheived in that time view the following: 2 Years of ArchBSD

Code stuff
Unix: Good coding practices for bash 
In Other BSDs for 2014/09/13 

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