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GhostBSD 4.0 RC 1 now available

The GhostBSD team is pleased to announce the availability the fist RC build of the 4.0-RELEASE release cycle which is available on SourceForge for the amd64 and i386 architectures.

FreeNAS Now Available

Appended are the release notes for We encourage all existing 9.2.1.x users to upgrade. Thanks!
- The FreeNAS Development Team
  •    Samba updated to 4.1.11. This addresses
  •    Increase performance of Directory Copy from CIFS
  •    Add support for the None Cipher in SSH. This can be used to improve replication performance at the expense of sending your data over the wire in cleartext. (Think private 10Gbe interlink)
  •    Resolve issue with vlan interface locking that could cause a kernel panic when creating a number of VLAN interfaces.
  •    Add support for compressing replication jobs with lz4

Other news

LibreSSL 2.0.4 released 
LibreSSL 2.0.5 released   

We have released LibreSSL 2.0.5, which should be arriving in the LibreSSL directory of an OpenBSD mirror near you. This version forward-ports security fixes from OpenSSL 1.0.1i, including fixes for the following CVEs: CVE-2014-3506 CVE-2014-3507 CVE-2014-3508 (partially vulnerable) CVE-2014-3509 CVE-2014-3510 CVE-2014-3511 LibreSSL 2.0.4 was not found vulnerable to the following CVEs: CVE-2014-5139 CVE-2014-3512 CVE-2014-3505 We welcome feedback and support from the community as we continue to work on LibreSSL.

OpenBSD product distribution will move 

After many years of faithfully serving the OpenBSD community, Austin Hook ([email protected]) will be retiring from mailing you your delicious Puffy-flavored merch. As such, the old stock (CDs, tshirts, baby mulchers) will become unavailable. Order now before they go extinct!

Keep your FreeBSD install secure 

This article by twisteddaemon shows you how to keep your FreeBSD install secure in 5 different ways. FreeBSD installed. Your Next Five Moves Should be….. The answer to the question in the title is not to break it.  Although that can very will be number six.  Instead make these next five changes to secure it.  […]

[08/05/2014] Simple ZFS Backup Script 

ZFS is a powerful filesystem that helps to maintain integrity by avoiding data corruption. A useful feature of ZFS is its ability to clone filesystems. Creating snapshots allows for filesystems to be cloned and restored if anything happens to the original data. ...

The PC-BSD Tour | BSD Now 49 
 Coming up this week on the show, we've got something special for you! We'll be giving you an in-depth look at all of the graphical PC-BSD utilities. That's right, BSD doesn't have to be command line only anymore! There's also the usual round of answers to your emails and all the latest headlines, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

July/August Issue of The FreeBSD Journal Now Available   

The fourth issue of the online FreeBSD Journal is now available! The issue is all about FreeBSD and Virtualization and includes topics such as FreeBSD on Amazon's EC2, and FreeBSD's own native virtualization system, bhyve. Plus, you'll find pieces on Xen, the USE Method, and more. The FreeBSD Journal is available at the Apple, Google, and Kindle stores at $19.99/year for six (6) issues or $6.99 for a single issue. Not a subscriber? Find out more and subscribe today!

Code stuff
phessler: emergency g2k14 hackathon 
OpenBSD dhcp reliability erratum  
drm/i915 support update 
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