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Hibernating to Encrypted softraid(4) Now Supported

With this commit, Mike Larkin ([email protected]) has added support for hibernating to encrypted softraid(4) devices. This is what he had to say when asked about it:
After RLE support (which went in in Slovenia), the next thing on the list to tackle was softraid crypto. Theo provided the initial idea on how to get the block transforms and crypto bits working over lunch one day in Slovenia and after about three or four days of on-and-off hacking this week, we had it working. Read more...

USB tethering on DragonFly 

Tethering now works via the urndis(4) device, from a patch contributed by Sascha Wildner/tested by Yellow Rabbit.

LibreSSL 2.0.3 Released

Bob Beck ([email protected]) has announced the release of LibreSSL 2.0.3:
We have released an update, LibreSSL 2.0.3 - which should
be arriving in the LibreSSL directory of an OpenBSD mirror near
you very soon. 
This release includes a number of portability fixes based on the
the feedback we have received from the community. It also includes
some improvements to the fork detection support. 
As noted before, we welcome feedback from the broader community.                
Minimalist HTTP Daemon Activated in Base
Reyk Flöter ([email protected]) recently committed the rc(8) glue to make his forked-from-relayd http server usable:
Module name: src
Changes by: [email protected] 2014/07/22 11:37:16

Modified files:
 usr.sbin       : Makefile 
 etc            : Makefile changelist rc.conf 
Added files:
 etc/rc.d       : httpd 

Log message:
Enable httpd(8) in the builds to get more testing, feedback and
improvements.  It is not "finished" but serves static files.

ok [email protected]
Read more... 

FreeBSD: April-June, 2014 Status Report

The April-June, 2014 Status Report is now available with 24 entries.

DES Challenge IV | BSD Now 47

Coming up this week on the show!
We've got an interview with Dag-Erling Smørgrav, the current security officer of FreeBSD, to discuss what exactly being in such an important position is like.
The latest news, answers to your emails and even some LibreSSL drama, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

rcreload in DragonFly 

Thanks to Zachary Crownover, rcreload is available in DragonFly.  (It’s always good to see a new contributor name.)

pkg 1.3.0 out

So much has happened that it is hard to summarize so I’ll try to highlight the
major points:
- New solver, now pkg has a real SAT solver able to automatically handle
conflicts and dynamically discover them. (yes pkg set -o is deprecated now)
- pkg install now able to install local files as well and resolve their
dependencies from the remote repositories
- Lots of parts of the code has been sandboxed
- Lots of rework to improve portability
- Package installation process has been reworked to be safer and handle properly
the schg flags
- Important modification of the locking system for finer grain locks
- Massive usage of libucl
- Simplification of the API
- Lots of improvements on the UI to provide a better user experience.
- Lots of improvements in multi repository mode
- pkg audit code has been moved into the library
- pkg -o A=B that will overwrite configuration file from cli
- The ui now support long options
- The unicity of a package is not anymore origin
- Tons of bug fixes
- Tons of behaviours fixes
- Way more!

How to Upgrade FreeNAS 9.2.x 

This short tutorial by the FreeNAS team will show you how to upgrade any version of FreeNAS 9.2.x to the latest version. Check out more video tutorials from the FreeNAS channel at How to Upgrade FreeNAS 9.2.x was originally posted on FreeBSD News.

Linux, FreeBSD servers infected to run like Windows bot

A malware with the code name “Mayhem” has recently been found infecting Linux and FreeBSD servers throughout the world. Malware dubbed Mayhem is spreading through Linux and FreeBSD web servers, researchers say. The software nasty uses a grab bag of plugins to cause mischief, and infects systems that are not up to date with security […]

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