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DragonFly x256 

DragonFly now supports running on up to 256 CPUs.  256 is the initial limit on the basic interrupt controller, and it can be extended further.  It’s been tested on 255 CPUs so far, since that’s the highest number of CPUs you can bring up in qemu.

New Core Team Secretary: Matthew Seaman

The FreeBSD Core Team is glad to announce that Matthew Seaman has assumed the role of Core Team Secretary.
The complete newly elected Core Team is:
Gavin Atkinson <[email protected]>
David Chisnall <[email protected]> Baptiste Daroussin <[email protected]>
Ed Maste <[email protected]>
George Neville-Neil <[email protected]>
Hiroki Sato <[email protected]>
Gleb Smirnoff <[email protected]>
Peter Wemm <[email protected]>
Robert Watson <[email protected]>


g2k14 headsup: relayd(8) filtering language changed  

First Release of LibreSSL Portable Available 

Bob Beck ([email protected]) announced the release of LibreSSL-portable:
The first release of LibreSSL portable has been released. LibreSSL
can be found in the LibreSSL directory of your favorite OpenBSD mirror. has it, and other mirrors
will soon.

libressl-2.0.0.tar.gz has been tested to build on various versions of
Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, and FreeBSD.

This is intended as an initial release to allow the community to start
using and providing feedback. We will be adding support for
other platforms as time and resources permit.

As always, donations (
are appreciated to assist in our efforts.



Second Release of LibreSSL Portable Available

Bob Beck ([email protected]) announced the second release of LibreSSL-portable:
We have released an update, LibreSSL 2.0.1

This release includes a number of portability fixes based on the
initial feedback we have received from the community.  This includes
among other things two new configure options to set OPENSSLDIR and
ENGINESDIR. We have removed a few hardcoded compiler options that
were problematic on some systems as well as -Werror. We have also
re-synced with the latest OpenBSD sources as a number of issues
were fixed upstream. This release also includes pkg-config support.

As noted before, we welcome feedback from the broader community.

Bob also writes:
Also starting with this release the directory includes SHA256
signatures which are signed using signify.

The signify public key for libressl is:

untrusted comment: LibreSSL Portable public key
FreeBSD Monthly dashboard

Number of messages to [email protected]: 564 (+53%)
Number of commits on ports: 3,717 (+17%)
Number of ports PRs closed: 873 (+25%)
Active ports committers: 147 (+10%)

LDAP on DragonFly

If you’re looking to use LDAP on DragonFly, follow this thread (read the first, keep going) as people talk about implementing it, what they installed, etc. 

pkg and conflicts

Some dports packages can’t be installed in combination with others.  The easy way to find the conflict without doing the install?  Look for CONFLICTS= in the Makefile.  If you don’t have the dports tree on disk, you can always look online.

ZFS War Stories | BSD Now 45  

This week Allan is at BSDCam in the UK, so we'll be back with a regular episode next week. For now though, here's an interview with Josh Paetzel about some crazy experiences he's had with ZFS.

Code stuff

PC-BSD Feature Digest 31 — Warden CLI upgrade + IRC Announcement 
DragonFly ACPICA updated to 20140627
OpenBSD Heads up: changing mfi to mrsas  
In Other BSDs for 2014/07/12 

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