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[MirBSD] mksh R50, jupp 27 released 

Both the MirBSD Korn Shell and jupp – the editor which sucks less have seen new releases today. Please test them, report all bugs, and otherwise enjoy all the bugfixes.
Other subprojects will also have new releases… once I get around doing so after hacking them…

Temporary WITH_NEW_XORG repositories available for FreeBSD 9 and 10 

For people needing WITH_NEW_XORG, an alternate pkg(8) repository is now online. It contains a subset of packages affected by this knob. Please see the announce mail for more details.

2014Q3 Branched

The 2014Q3 branch has just been branched and the package builder has been
updated to use that branch. This means that the next update on the quarterly
packages will be on the 2014Q3 branch.
What happened during the last 3 months:
- 177 different committers have participated
- 9918 commits happened
- diffstat says: 23646 files changed, 554070 insertions(+), 577210 deletions(-)
What does that means for users:
- default Java is now 1.7
- massive conversion to stagedir (93% of the ports are now properly staged)
- massive improvement of the usage of libtool (which reduces a lot overlinking)
- new USES: mono, objc, drupal, gecko, cpe, gssapi, makeinfo
- new Keywords for plist: @sample, @shell
- LibreOffice has been updated to 4.2.5
- Firefox has been updated to 30.0
- Firefox-esr has been updated to 24.6
- Default postgresql has moved from 9.0 to 9.2
- nginx has been updated to 1.6.0
- Default lua is 5.2
- subversion has been split into multiple ports for each features
- On FreeBSD 9-STABLE and 10-STABLE the default xorg 1.12.4 (for default binary
packages it is still 1.7.7)
- Improved QA checking in the infrastructure
- Info files are handle correctly even if base has been built WITHOUT_INFO
- Ancient emacs version has been cleaned out

Default DragonFly/pf keep-policy changed

Matthew Dillon changed the default keep-policy in DragonFly to:
set keep-policy keep state (pickups, sloppy)
This is to match other BSDs (which?  I don’t know) and reduce overhead, according to the commit.
Cadmium UI, a new way for internet-based operating system.

plans for JabirOS 2.1 is an operating system with two sides! one internet-bases, and one HDD-based. Our internet-based side is made up of :
  1. HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script based GUI,
  2. rollApp based web-applications
  3. DuckDuck Go search section in main GUI
  4. Tabbed Browsing alongside GUI.
Also, we’ve selected Firefox web browser as a base for running our HTML5-based GUI. The GUI’s name is Cadmium - CadmiumUI demo, for everyone thinks different.

BSDday (, University of Buenos Aires' Faculty of natural and exact sciences, Buenos Aires, Argentina 9 August, 2014. BSDday Argentina is a conference for users, sysadmins and developers of BSD software and based systems. The conference is for anyone developing, deploying and using systems based on FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD and others *BSD. BSDday Argentina is a technical conference and aims to collect the best technical papers and presentations available to ensure that the latest developments in our open source community are shared with the widest possible audience.

Base ISO 100 | BSD Now 44

This time on the show, we'll be sitting down to talk with Craig Rodrigues about Jenkins and the FreeBSD testing infrastructure. Following that, we'll show you how to roll your own OpenBSD ISOs with all the patches already applied... ISO can't wait!
This week's news and answers to all your emails, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

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