Hi there guys, 

I would like to announce the little hobby project I've been working for some time now: 

It's very-alfa but let's talk about why and so.


I might be administrator of more BSD-based systems. I want to check fresh Security Advisories (SA) and Announcements (A) very often.

How I do it now:

1. I might be checking Websites of single BSD projects for latest SA and A.
2. I might have subscribed to mailing lists of those BSD projects.
3. I might be checking twitter or other media (IRC as well)


As you might imagine, all of them might bring some non-comfort. I might miss emails, be lazy to check more websites (some might have not be nice to my eyes) and so on. I am human, anyway. I would like to have some easy way.

Wanna-be Solution

As title says, website want to be "deadsimple BSD Security Advisories and Announcements"

Current status:

SA and A from: OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD.
DragonFly BSD doesn't seems to have any platform for SA. Need to check the rest. 

I take SA and A, and publish them on website. Aim for website is to be very simple,  intuitive and mobile-whatever frendly. Tags are available for better search (in case you want only FreeBSD). I also publish on Twitter. Discussion is available via Reddit.

All process is done by my application, so I do not need to do anything.

How it works?

App is open-source, built with Ruby on Rails.  I will write details in my next post, as well with how-to on contributing and so. I have few ideas and anyone is welcome to join me and make this app better!

Any criticism very welcome!
Do criticise, please! 

(And share if you find this useful.)

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