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Releases: ArchBSD, pfSense
Other news:EuroBSDCon, freeNAS, LibreSSL, NanoBSD, OpenBSD, PC-BSD, pfSense


ArchBSD New ISO 2014-05-05 (now with i686!)

Claudiu Traistaru wrote:
New ISO`s (not experimental this time) are available on the ftp. Also now we support "i686" architecture. Still a Work-In-Progress, but we're getting there. Have fun and try to provide feedback.

JabirOS 2.0.0 Released as an independent BSD Variant! 

We’re proud to announce the second release of JabirOS, as a BSD variant. JabirOS isn’t a FreeBSD distribution anymore. This version is a complete and independent fork from FreeBSD 10-RELEASE.  Muhammadreza Haghiri, the leader of this project had forked and compiled it, after tests, we have managed to run all of FreeBSD packages for a minimailst and normal desktop computer. Also, we’ve tested some CLI software, for making a little server.
All of our tests were successful, and we’re proud of our new product.

Release notes : Link
Download Link : Link

Other news

Doing some interesting OpenBSD work? EuroBSDCon 2014 wants to hear from you!

EuroBSDCon, The European BSD Conference, is continuing its slow motion tour of European cities with EuroBSDCon 2014 taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria September 25-28 2014.
For this year's edition, there is no program yet, but you can help fix that: If you're doing something interesting with OpenBSD (or really any BSD, but this is an OpenBSD publication), that you could turn into a talk or tutorial, the program committee wants to hear from you.
Send your proposal (100 words or so will do) to submission at eurobsdcon dot org by May 19th, 2014. See the Call for papers for further details.

Call for testing: USB HID descriptor parser diff

This weekend, Martin Pieuchot ([email protected]) posted to tech with a diff to improve the HID descriptor parser.

Setting up your first NAS with FreeNAS by Benjamin Milman

A live demonstration accompanied the talk and was performed on a virtual machine, showing the installation process and initial configuration of volumes and shares.
The team has made a video of this talk available on YouTube. The presentation slides can be found on website.

Announcing the May 2014 pfSense Hangout! 

When: Friday, May 23, 2014 @ 1300hrs (1:00pm) central US time.
This month’s topic is an introduction to the packet capture functionality in pfSense, and fundamentals of packet analysis, allowing you to interpret its output.
Packet analysis is the best and fastest approach to troubleshooting a wide range of network, routing and firewall-related issues. But many people are overwhelmed by the output and aren’t sure how to use or interpret it.
While some circumstances require extensive knowledge of the protocols in use to successfully analyze a packet capture, many issues can be analyzed easily with a basic understanding of the concepts involved.
Attendees will come away with the knowledge required to use packet captures to troubleshoot common problematic scenarios such as port forwards, 1:1 NAT, Outbound NAT, virtual IPs, CARP, routing between networks and routing across VPNs.
In order to take part in this hangout, you will need to be a pfSense GOLD subscriber. If you don’t have a Gold subscription, get it now!  The link to the hangout will be in your account as soon as it’s available.

LibreSSL Will be Portable 

Although much internet hand wringing has been performed in the service of "Won't someone think of the child^H^H^H^H^Hportability!", the OpenBSD devs are making changes in OpenBSD itself which will make the upcoming release of LibreSSL more easily portable to other operating systems:
Module name: src
Changes by: [email protected] 2014/05/08 15:43:49

Modified files:
 lib/libc/stdlib: malloc.c 
Added files:
 lib/libc/stdlib: reallocarray.c 

Log message:
move reallocarray() to a seperate file so that -portable applications
can avoid reinventing the wheel
ok guenther schwarze
reallocarray(3) was added to address issues found in the OpenSSL source, and now exists as a single, freely-licensed, easily-included file for any and all who require it to make LibreSSL work on their system, as long as that system isn't Irix running Visual C 1.5.2.

Let’s Get RAID | BSD Now 36

This week on the show we'll be showing you how to set up RAID arrays in FreeBSD. There's also an interview with David Chisnall - of the FreeBSD core team - about the switch to Clang and a lot more.
Sit back and enjoy some BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.
NanoBSD on RasberryPi 
Felix Osgris runs his PC Engines DSL router on a stripped down version of nanoBSD and he’s now also uploaded a config file to run nanobsd on the RaspberryPi.

Code stuff
Privsep Debugging Support: /var/crash/$programname, sysctl-Managed, Added
New Compiler Capabilities: -fstack-shuffle and Return Value Guards 
Weekly Feature Digest 28 — Photos of the new AppCafe re-design.  
FreeBSD Advisories (devfs, tcp, openssl) 
In Other BSDs for 2014/05/10 

Interesting articles
PC-BSD vs. Ubuntu
Android's C Library Has 173 Files of Unchanged OpenBSD Code 


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