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Releases: pfSense, OpenBSD
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pfSense 2.1.3 RELEASE Now Available

pfSense release 2.1.3 follows very shortly after pfSense release 2.1.2. pfSense 2.1.3 is primarily a security release.
Security Fixes
Other Fixes
  • Various fixes to accommodate recent changes/optimizations in the tools repository
  • Move clog binary to its proper place in /usr/local/ to respect hier(7)
  • Fix remove button on Diagnostics > Tables #3627
  • Fix more potential places for interface looping in OpenVPN and with normal interfaces
  • Fixes for URL table alias updates (locking, reload)
  • Fix IPsec Phase 1 duplication
  • Fix ‘add rule on top of the list’ allowing after param to be -1
  • Correct Captive Portal redirection URL to unbreak ones passed through Radius attributes and repsect user choices.
  • Make miniupnpd listen on interface instead of IP
  • Don’t refuse to delete a bridge in the GUI just because its bridge interface doesn’t exist, just log that it doesn’t exist and don’t attempt to ifconfig destroy it, delete it from config
  • Fixes for DynDNS to allow configurable check host.
  • Resolver has no option for remote syslog, remove wrong copy/paste that was adding it when apinger was enabled
  • Fix typo for GIF tunnels to work over IPv6
  • Fix for dhcrelay target using default GW
  • List Gateway Groups in Interface to send update from for custom DynDNS entries


OpenBSD 5.5 Released

As you can now easily tell from the OpenBSD main web site, OpenBSD 5.5 has been released.
Looking at the release announcement and other sources such as the release page, it's easy to see that there are numerous goodies in store for you: A whole new traffic shaping system to replace ALTQ, 64-bit time_t, cryptographically signed base sets and packages, automatic installation features, improved hardware support, and more.
And if you haven't already, a good way to say a big thank you to Theo and the other developers is to go to the orders site and buy CD sets, T-shirts and other items. Direct donations are welcome too, of course.

Other news

GhostBSD now focusing on MATE

The project was started with Gnome 2 and today MATE maintaining our trademark. The biggest BSD Desktop out there that most peoples are aware is Mac OS X, but they are not aware that the base system is BSD. Apple have made a Desktop well designed and well integrated to the system. Mac OS has been looking the same way for many year and that trademark is well know the Mac OS X Desktop had seen a lot of improvement, but did not change drastically like Gnome 3 did. MATE as been one of the most interesting project started after Gnome switch to a new desktop design. Mate is a stable and solid desktop under FreeBSD and help GhostBSD to keep is trademark. 

FreeBSD Foundation Spring Fundraising Campaign - Funding Highlights 

The first project we are highlighting is the UEFI Boot Support. Please take a moment to read about the work going on in this area.

FreeBSD Projects accepted on Google’s Summer of Code 2014

Every year, Google hosts a Summer of Code that brings student developers from around the world to work on various software development projects, including open-source. This year, a handful of these projects are also FreeBSD related. 

OpenBSD Foundation's Google Summer of Code Projects Announced 

The Directors of the OpenBSD Foundation have announced the OpenBSD projects for this year's Google Summer of Code.

bsdtalk240 – About Time with George Neville-Neil

An interview with George Neville-Neil about the network time protocol and the precision time protocol.

File Info: 35Min, 17MB

Ogg Link:

Puffy Firewall | BSD Now 35

We're back again! On this week's packed show, we've got one of the biggest tutorials we've done in a while. It's an in-depth look at PF, OpenBSD's firewall, with some practical examples and different use cases.
We'll also be talking to Peter Hansteen about the new edition of "The Book of PF." Of course, we've got news and answers to your emails too, on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

OpenBSD is Now Distributing Signed Patches 

After the inaugural email appeared, Ted Unangst ([email protected]) clarified the new policy regarding the announcement of patches:
Starting today, we're going to try sending patches out via email so you don't miss them.
Several previous errata have also been recently published for OpenBSD 5.4 and 5.5. We won't be mailing them out individually since they aren't new, but you should check the web site for details.
Refer to and errata54.html.
(Also note that OpenBSD 5.3 is officially end of life and will not be receiving any more patches.)
He sent a separate, longer email explaining in greater depth the new policy.

Code stuff
m2k14: Ken Westerback on Installation, Disklabel Bugs, and Experiments in Sleep Deprivation 
Compiling OpenSSH No Longer Requires Linking in OpenSSL
Privilege Separated Key Handling added to relayd(8) and smtpd(8) 
A pkg 1.3 change to enjoy 
ACPICA updated to 20140424 
m2k14: Antoine Jacoutot on GNOME, Heimdal, and Further Heartbleed Fallout 
m2k14 report: [email protected] on puppet, misc ports and Octeon 
Weekly Feature Digest 27 — Software System Redesign 
Goodbye, ATM
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Interesting articles
How babies are like Unix 
FreeBSD Foundation Newcons Project Highlight 

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FreeBSD based wearable computer.

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