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Releases: FreeNAS, FuguIta
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FreeNAS has replaced 

Due to #4836, we have decided to release as a replacement for It is in all other respects identical to, simply with that ZFS snapshot UI bug fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience to those who have already upgraded to, but decided it was better to fix the #1 issue people were encountering with rather than try for some kind of work-around.
Now folks should also know why we want auto-updates in 9.2.2 so badly – it will make correcting these kinds of issues much, much easier on all concerned!

Announcing FreeNAS – waking up edition

Bugs fixed in

  • FuguIta-5.5-201404204simple
    • Based on OpenBSD 5.5 (not official release yet)
    • Just only OpenBSD installed.
  • FuguIta-5.5-201404231shrinked
    • Removed stuffs which was not necessary for LiveCD.

Other news

It's Official: The OpenSSL Overhaul Is A Fork: Welcome LibreSSL in OpenBSD 5.6

Yes, it's official. The recent work in cleaning up OpenSSL is now officially a fork, with its own website and donation link.
The project's name going forward is LibreSSL, and according to the (so far spartan) website, the first release will be included in OpenBSD 5.6, which is expected to be released November 1st, 2014.

It’s Gonna Get NASty | BSD Now 34

 This week, Allan’s at a conference so we’ve got a short episode for you. We sat down with John Hixson to discuss FreeNAS development and all their future plans. The show will be back next week with a normal episode.

Quick Lumina Desktop FAQ 

I am seeing lots of interest and questions about Lumina since it was mentioned in the PC-BSD weekly update last week, so I am just going to try and answer some of the big questions that I have been seeing.


Code stuff
Call for Testing: vlan(4) improvements (Update updated) 
FreeBSD Developers' Update
Faster and more capable whatis(1)/apropos(1)
DragonFly: New virtio-net driver
KerberosV removed from -current 
m2k14: Stuart Henderson on Triage
In Other BSDs for 2014/04/26 


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