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pfSense 2.1.1-RELEASE now available 

The largest change is to close the following security issues / CVEs:
  • FreeBSD-SA-14:01.bsnmpd / CVE-2014-1452
  • FreeBSD-SA-14:02.ntpd / CVE-2013-5211
  • FreeBSD-SA-14:03.openssl / CVE-2013-4353, CVE-2013-6449, CVE-2013-6450
Other than these, the em/igb/ixgb/ixgbe drivers have been upgraded to add support for i210 and i354 NICs.   Some Intel 10Gb Ethernet NICs will also see improved performance.
The release is making its way to the mirrors now. The complete list of significant changes can also be found here including more details on the above.

Other news

NetBSD: The playstation2 port is back 

In 2009 the playstation2 port was removed from the NetBSD sources, since it had not been compilable for months and no modern enough compiler was available.
Due to a strange series of events the code changes needed to support the (slightly unusual) MIPS CPU used in the playstation2 had never been merged into gcc nor binutils mainline. Only recently this has been fixed. Unfortunately the changes have not been pulled up to the gcc 4.8.3 branch (which is available in NetBSD-current), so an external toolchain from pkgsrc is needed for the playstation2.
To install this toolchain, use a pkgsrc-current checkout and cd to cross/gcc-mips-current, then do "make install" - that is all.
Work is in progress to bring the old code up to -current. Hopefully a bootable NetBSD-current kernel will be available soon.

Tarsnap price cut   

Effective April 1st (I nearly announced this yesterday, but decided to wait until the April Fools' jokes were out of the way) I'm cutting Tarsnap's bandwidth and monthly storage pricing from $0.30/GB to $0.25/GB. 

pfSense on m3.medium and m3.large Amazon EC2 instances 

The Netgate pfSense® marketplace AMI can run on the new m3.medium and m3.large instance types with significantly lower AWS usage charges than on the previously available m3.xlarge instance type.
The existing user guide now has a section that mentions “Protecting a private network in VPC”, or you can just read the new section on using VPC with pfSense.

Edgy BSD Users | BSD Now 31

This week we’ll be talking to Richard Stallman about the upcoming GPLv4 and how it will protect our software from being stolen. After that, we’ll show you how to recover from those pesky ZFS on Linux corruption issues, as well as some tips on how to explain to your boss that all the production boxes were compromised. Your questions and all the latest GNUs, on Linux Now – the place to Lin.. ux.

Video cards on DragonFly   

In a thread about video cards on DragonFly, Francois Tigeot listed good ATI cards to try, and pointed out the VESA driver is probably your best bet right now with NVidia cards.

Code stuff

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Wallpaper of the week

after very long time, awesome wallpaper of Heart Nebula found on g+


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