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Releases: DragonFly BSD, FreeNAS
Other: EuroBSDCon, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD,  NYCBSDCon, OpenBSD,  DMA, DragonFly BSD, Google Summer of Code, BSDnow, GhostBSD



DragonFly 3.6.1 released

More info here.

FreeNAS is now available 
FreeNAS is now available   

From a high level, these are the most significant changes:
  • Samba (SMB/CIFS support) upgraded to version 4.1.5
  • Linux Jails now work with UFS
  • NFS lockd now starts properly at boot time
  • Serial console misconfiguration is now harder to do.
  • Logging to .system dataset is now optional. If you have an old syslog dataset (which is how this was formerly done), you are strongly encouraged to transition to the new .system/syslog dataset by enabling that option in System->Settings->Advanced and simply deleting your old syslog dataset.
Otherwise, the ReleaseNotes still apply, so I won’t repeat them all here!

Other news

EuroBSDCon 2014 Call for Papers Open, proposals accepted until May 19th

The 2014 EuroBSDCon conference will be in Sofia, Bulgaria September 25 through 28, with two days of tutorials and meetings followed by two days of talks.
The Call for Papers announcement has been sent to major projects' mailing lists, and you are invited to head over to the conference web site and look around. The Call for Papers page is live now.
The OpenBSD project is represented by Janne Johansson ([email protected]) and Peter Hansteen (Book of PF author and undeadly editor) on the program committee.
Do you have an idea for a good, OpenBSD-themed talk or tutorial? Now is the time to write up an abstract and submit!

Newcons coming to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

FreeBSD vt(4) – commonly known as “Newcons”-, which is planned to replace Syscons as the default FreeBSD console, is now available on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Newcons provides many interesting new features, such as KMS support, Unicode, double-width CJK characters, etc. The Debian GNU/kFreeBSD team are now looking for volunteers

FreeBSD 10.0: mapped

Rick Miller has put together a useful and visually easy to understand map of FreeBSD 10 FreeBSD‘s is a shell script introduced in FreeBSD 9.x whose purpose is to automate FreeBSD release building from source.

Spreading DMA

The DragonFly Mail Agent is being suggested as a possible sendmail replacement for FreeBSD.

Port Authority | BSD Now 26

download (size: 611 MB )
On today's show we have an interview with Joe Marcus Clark, one of the original portmgr members in FreeBSD, and one of the key GNOME porters. Keeping along with that topic, we have a FreeBSD ports tutorial for you as well. The latest news and answers to your BSD questions, right here on BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

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Code stuff
Google Summer of Code and BSD 2014 
n2k14 hackathon report: [email protected] talks about pf, checksumming, and the smash-and-grab 
pfi and authorized_keys support
PC-BSD Weekly Feature Digest 19 
Call for Testing: USB Installation Images 
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