[BSD] Get a free KVM VPS to play with! And write about it.

So it goes like this:  some time ago I bought kinda cheap KVM VPS package:

System RAM:     1024 MB
System Disk:     30 GB
CPU Cores:     3 Cores
Bandwidth:    2 TB

You can find more if you will search this blog. KVM tag should be enough.

I hoped to learn something about BSD while playing, but I moved for internship to India and somehow never have time for that (net only at work and so...).

So I wanna give to someone. For some time. Or more people, in fact. So they can save the world with it, or that kind of stuff...

And in exchange: 

you would write for DiscoverBSD what you were doing with it. And yeah, should be something with BSDs.


Well, I guess you can write what would you do in the comments and according to what I think is acceptable and doable, I will pick some people and we shall do it ;]  And community will help me with deciding which people I can trust.

Basically, I would give you VNC access (and other infos like IP addresses) and set ISO file with some BSD and then it's all yours.

And yeah, it's from BlueVM company, so all needs to be according to their rules. If what you wanna do is not acceptable by their policies, then it's no do.

And please spread the word!

Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover