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FreeNAS 9.2.1 is RELEASED

iXsystems is pleased to announce that the FreeNAS Team has released FreeNAS 9.2.1. This minor update adds a few new features and fixes almost 200 bugs.
Read the full announcement and download the upgrade file over at

Other news

The FreeBSD Journal is Now Available!

You can find out how to subscribe to the Journal by going to Or, go to the following links for the device you'd like to download to:

To get the Kindle App click here 
To get the Apple app click here 
To get the Android App click here

The Cluster & The Cloud | BSD Now 24
This week on BSD Now… a wrap-up from NYCBSDCon! We’ll also be talking to Luke Marsden, CEO of HybridCluster, about how they use BSD at large. Following that, our tutorial will show you how to securely share files with SFTP in a chroot. The latest news and answers to your questions, of course it’s BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

bsdtalk238 – Voices from NYCBSDCon 2014 

NYCBSDCon 2014 was great, and I recorded a series of voices from the attendees. Also, the FreeBSD Journal release was announced at the conference.

Go maintainer for DragonFly needed 

We’ve got Go builders running for DragonFly, but nobody actively maintaining Go itself on DragonFly.  The dports version builds, but there’s a Go release coming up and having native support would be much better than relying on chance FreeBSD build compatibility.
The current error as I type this is a TLS problem that sounds like a simple fix, if only I knew where it was.

Code stuff
ACPICA-20140114 added
Call for Testing: iwn(4) 
n2k14 hackathon report: [email protected] on fibre channel and assorted other hardware doodads
n2k14 hackathon report: [email protected] on DRM, multiprocessor scalability, and making dump(8) work again on sun4v
n2k14 hackathon report: [email protected] on locking, midlayers, and network drivers
n2k14 hackathon report: [email protected]
Set up BitTorrent Sync in FreeNAS with Plugin (howto) 
PC-BSD Weekly Feature Digest 17 
In Other BSDs for 2014/02/15 
How to build FreeBSD/EC2 images  
Unix: Using pushd and popd for faster navigation

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