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Releases: m0n0wall, pfSense
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m0n0wall 1.8.1 released 

Change log highlights (see the SVN change log for the full details):
  • add scheduler ("Croen") service with many different job types (enable/disable interface or shaper rule, Wake on LAN, reboot, reconnect WAN, execute command etc.)
  • improved IPv6 support, including IPsec, DHCPv6-PD, RDNSS and DNSSL, and NDP info on the ARP diagnostic page
  • major overhaul of wireless LAN support. On some cards, it is now also possible to create multiple APs at the same time. To reflect this change, the wireless settings have moved to the Interfaces: assign page, where WLAN subinterfaces can be created much like for VLANs.
  • DNS forwarder: add option to log DNS queries, add aliases (CNAMEs) and MXs
  • Add AES-256, SHA-256/384/512 and additional DH group options to IPsec
  • Make rule moving and deletion on shaper rules page work like for firewall rules.
  • Initial support for USB modems
  • enable CPU hardware crypto support
  • automatically reassign available physical network interfaces if none of the assigned interfaces in the configuration can be found on the system (i.e. for a new installation, or when moving an existing config to new hardware)
  • the "embedded" image is gone; generic-pc-serial should now be used for PC Engines and Soekris boards
  • console speed for serial images is fixed to 9600 baud (no longer tries to use BIOS preset value)
  • introduction of an automated build system that allows one to build m0n0wall from scratch with almost no manual intervention on a standard FreeBSD 8.4 system
  • countless bug fixes and improvements in UI and system configuration code
Refer to the installation instructions for information on how to install these files on the various platforms.

For those who are inclined to try such things, 2.1.1-PRERELEASE snapshots are up for testing at

Update URLs for use in firmware update settings:

The current set of builds have the new Intel drivers for em/igb/ixgb/ixgbe (Thanks Ermal!) and should support i210 and i354 and others, and should hopefully fix issues that have been observed with ixgb/ixgbe drivers.

Give them a spin, especially if you have hardware that could benefit from the new drivers.

A list of changes between 2.1 and 2.1.1 may be found here:

Other news

Bhyve Mind | BSD Now 20 

download (size: 502 MB )
It’s our big 20th episode! We’re going to sit down for a chat with Neel Natu and Peter Grehan, the developers of bhyve. Not familiar with bhyve? Our tutorial will show you all you need to know about this awesome new virtualization technology. Answers to your questions and all the latest news, here on BSD Now – the place to B.. SD.

pfSense talk at “Tokyo FreeBSD Benkyokai” February 17 

Isaac (.ike) Levy, Senior Unix System Administrator at National Hockey League ( will be presenting “pfSense Practical Experiences: from home routers, to High-Availability Datacenter Deployments” at the Tokyo FreeBSD Benkyokai (FreeBSD Study Session) Group on February 17, 2014.
Ike states that his main objective in Tokyo is to get some real help with the Japanese translation of pfSense.
Ike recently committed “Phase 1″ (machine translation) of this effort, which you can view at GitHub.

Joe Marcus Clarke has stepped down 

Joe Marcus Clarke, aka [email protected], has stepped down from his duties on the FreeBSD Ports Management Team.
Joe was our longest serving member of the team. Among his many accomplishments was being the repocopy source of authority, instrumental in championing tinderbox development and maintaining portlint.
On behalf of the Ports Management team, we would like to thank Joe for his many years of service and dedication.
on behalf of [email protected]

ruBSD: interviews with Theo and Henning

Last December Russian tech giant Yandex organised first ruBSD event in Moscow. OpenBSD developers Theo de Raadt, Henning Brauer and Mike Belopuhov gave three talks on different topics. There were interviews with Theo and Henning recorded as well. Theo spoke about current adoption of mitigation techniques in other OSes and state of OpenBSD project. Henning gave a history overview of PF.
All talks and interviews available online and for download.
Theo de Raadt: Exploit Mitigation Techniques: an Update After 10 Years (slides, video and interview)
Henning Brauer: OpenBSD's pf: Design, Implementation and Future (slides, video and interview)
Mike Belopuhov: OpenBSD: Where is crypto headed? (slides and video)

32-bit DragonFly 3.7 and dports 

There are no binary packages built for dports, on DragonFly 3.7, for 32-bit machines, at this time.  Pierre Abbat found this out.  You can build from source, of course, or just use 3.6 packages.  Don’t forget -DBATCH to avoid getting asked for build options when building from source.

Code stuff
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