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FreeBSD 10.0-RC3 Now Available

Changes between -RC2 and -RC3 include:

  • Several minor bugfixes and functionality enhancements to bhyve.
  • Add new sysctl, kern.supported_archs, containing the list of FreeBSD MACHINE_ARCH values whose binaries this kernel can run.
  • Add a pkg(8) repository configuration file for cdrom-based package installation.
  • Implement a fix to allow bsdconfig(8) to be able to install packages included on the DVD.
  • Fix pkg(8) multi-repository support by properly respecting 'enabled' flag.
  • Fix Xen build without INET.
  • Several bugfixes to bsdinstall(8).
  • Fix a ZFS-related panic triggered by an incorrect assertion.
  • Fix mountroot> prompt eating most of the characters by not enabling RXRDY interrupts in the attach routine.
  • Fix a regression in ng_ksocket(4).
  • Apply patch from upstream Heimdal for encoding fix.

PC-BSD 10.0-RC2 Available

The first PC-BSD 10.0-RELEASE image, based upon FreeBSD 10.0-RC2, is now available for download!

10.0-RELEASE notable features
  • Includes FreeBSD 10.0-RC2 from 12/19/2013
  • Updated KMS / AMD driver support
  • ISO file is a hybrid USB file, and can be “dd“ed to a USB media.
  • New text-based installer
  • New UEFI loader on installation media
  • Able to select between GRUB/BSD loaders during installation
  • New desktops! Gnome 3, Mate (Replaces Gnome2) and Cinnamon
  • And much more!
ArchBSD: New ISO 2013-12-25

New ISO is available for download:
The ISO can be found on our ftp servers.
Currently no installer is available. Few fixes of the iso include.
/root /mnt /boot are now read / write, which should fix zfs installation issues, and allow importing of future keyrings.
Packages have been updated to the latest version, including FreeBSD 10 for better hardware support.

Other news

The Gift of Giving | BSD Now 17

download (size: 113 MB )
Merry Christmas everyone! We’re taking the holiday off and just have an interview for you today. We sat down with Scott Long to discuss using FreeBSD at Netflix and lots of other things. Next week we will return with the normal round of news and tutorials. 
Heads Up: i386 moves to PIE 

Following up on the commit that enabled the change, Theo de Raadt ([email protected]) wrote in to [email protected] with a note concerning care to be taken during upgrades now that i386 runs PIE executables.
From: Theo de Raadt <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: i386 switched to PIE

The i386 architecture has now been switched to PIE.  There is a small
performance hit, but this part of ASLR is valuable combined with
W^X and the stack protector.

This is a non-trivial upgrade, so please be careful.  Check the FAQ
for details or use a snapshot.
As it says in the commit message, special steps are required for upgrading from source, so check the instructions for doing so, if not upgrading via snapshots.
Code stuff
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