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FreeNAS 9.2.0

Jordan Hubbard has announced the release of FreeNAS 9.2.0, a FreeBSD-based operating system that enables the users to build networked storage: "After one early beta and two release candidates, it gives us great pleasure to announce the full and final release of FreeNAS 9.2.0. As implied from the series of pre-releases, this release has benefitted substantially from a great deal of public testing as well as several months of 'living on' testing we ourselves have done on a wide variety of hardware. This is, without a doubt, the best release of FreeNAS yet. Since 9.1.1 was released, we have fixed 268 bugs in the bug tracker, as well as countless others that were found and fixed independently of the bug tracking system. We have also made a number of enhancements to the UI and generally done our best to bring more polish to the FreeNAS system, both in usability and performance." Continue to the release announcement to find out more. Download (SHA256) from here: FreeNAS-9.2.0-RELEASE-x64.iso (163MB).

Other news

USENIX LISA 2013 Managing Access Using SSH Keys   

Tatu Ylönen invented the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol in 1995 and even the history of OpenSSH mentions how OpenSSH is a derivative of the original free ssh 1.2.12 he released. He is also the founder and CEO of SSH Communications Security which sells a commercial version of ssh. A few more details can be found on the USENIX LISA 2013 page for "Managing Access Using SSH Keys" but the audio and video files are linked below.
SSH user keys are ubiquitously used for accessing information systems by automated processes and system administrators. Many large organizations have hundreds of thousands of keys granting access, with many keys providing privileged access without auditing or controls. The talk educates the audience about risks arising from unmanaged access using SSH keys; discusses what is required by compliance mandates; outlines how to establish effective operational processes for provisioning, terminating, and monitoring SSH user key based access; and outlines how to understand and remediate SSH user keys in an existing environment.
Editor's note: This talk is, in no small part, a push for a commercial product; the issues raised in regards to lax management of SSH keys, however, are valid enough to warrant careful consideration of one's own key regime.
Available audio and video formats: Video MP4 | Video WEBM | Audio MP3 | Audio OGG

FreeBSD Foundation Announces Capsicum Integration Project Completion

The FreeBSD Foundation is pleased to announce the successful completion of work on the improvement and integration of the Capsicum framework and the Casper services daemon. The Google Open Source Programs Office and the FreeBSD Foundation jointly sponsored Paweł Jakub Dawidek for this project.

Capsicum is a lightweight OS capability and sandbox framework developed at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Capsicum extends the POSIX API, providing several new OS primitives to support object-capability security on UNIX-like operating systems. Capsicum is now a standard part of FreeBSD, and ports to other operating systems are in progress.

EuroBSDcon 2013 Developer Summit Special Status Report 

This special status report contains a summary of the discussions from the various working groups at the EuroBSDcon 2013  Developer Summit. From the table of contents: Desktop Developer Summit Track DNS Documentation Embedded Platforms Networking Ports and Packages Security Toolchain and Build Systems USB Vendor Discussions Virtualization ZFS   EuroBSDcon 2013 Developer Summit Special Status […]

After a huge delay!   

Greetings. Jabir Project team is sorry because of delay in releasing new version.After this delay, we decided to wait for FreeBSD 10.0 then we’ll start our project again. Regards. Muhammadreza Haghiri

Cryptocrystalline | BSD Now 16

download (size: 309 MB )
We’ll be showing you how to do a fully-encrypted installation of FreeBSD and OpenBSD. We also have an interview with Damien Miller – one of the lead developers of OpenSSH – about some recent crypto changes in the project. If you’re into data security, today’s the show for you. The latest news and all your burning questions answered, right here on BSD Now – the place to B.. SD. 
OpenBSD ruBSD Talks Online   

ruBSD 2013 talks online:
Fresh from a successful tour of the motherland, our fearless OpenBSD devs have placed their

BSDTalk 236: NYCBSDCon and 8 years too   

BSDTalk, which is hitting its 8th year, has 20 minutes of conversation with Ike Levy and Brian Callahan about NYCBSDCon.  (which is coming up on February 8th; will you sponsor?)

PulseAudio Gains Greater FreeBSD Compatibility

As some other interesting open-source audio news this week besides PulseAudio now supporting the systemd journal is that Lennart Poettering's sound server is continuing to be better supported on FreeBSD.

The necessary changes have been made to the mainline PulseAudio sound server code-base that provide greater FreeBSD operating system compatibility. Only a few dozen lines of code were changed in this latest commit for handling of code that was Linux specific.

It's not too much of a big deal though given that there's already been some level of FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD support by this LGPLv2.1 sound server. PulseAudio is also compatible with Solaris and Windows operating systems.

The commit improving the PulseAudio FreeBSD support can be found by this Git commit.

Code stuff

OpenBSD: tmpfs Enabled in -current  
New Security Advisory: NetBSD-SA2013-012 Router Advertisement and 013 ELF interpreter local Denial of Service 
PC-BSD Weekly Feature Digest 12/20/13 
In Other BSDs for 2013/12/21 

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