BSD KVM VPS - Feathur control panel settings

So second part of series is here. You might wanna read first part here to know what's going on in here.

So title says:  Feathur control panel settings

Right, BlueVM (affiliate link) created their own control panel, because they had some security issues with 3th party ones. But that's not the reason why I wanna write about it. The reason is something I mentioned in previous post: they let you change some settings. So that would be the first step - understand what it means.

So paste from previous part:

Network cards: 
realtek 8139
Intel (recommended)
realtek 8029

Disk driver:
IDE (recommended)

Pretty much this goes easy. I mean research. Kinda.

The best results I should be able to get with VirtIO. What I mean with "kinda" is that it works like that with Linux. With BSD reports vary. Depending on what OS and what version.

So yeah, I am gonna try most of BSD distros and do some tests.

What kind of test would you recommend? I asked on Google+ BSD community but didn't get a lot of ideas.

I installed FreeBSD 9.2 with SCSI driver and Realtek, but both download speed and disk results were bad. Don't remember them, but no matter, I will write about it later.

I decided to install OpenBSD first and then do tests with FreeBSD when 10 is out. Because installing software with FreeBSD ports is not that fun one would thought.

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