October BSD releases



Some of the highlights:

  • The ZFS filesystem now supports TRIM when used on solid state drives.
  • The virtio(4) drivers have been added to the GENERIC kernel configuration for amd64 and i386 architectures.
  • The ZFS filesystem now supports lz4 compression.
  • OpenSSL has been updated to version 0.9.8y.
  • DTrace hooks have been enabled by default in the GENERIC kernel.
  • DTrace has been updated to version 1.9.0.
  • Sendmail has been updated to version 8.14.7.
  • OpenSSH has been updated to version 6.2p2.
  • Import unmapped I/O support from head/.

For a complete list of new features and known problems, please see the
online release notes and errata list, available at:
Users already running an earlier 9.2 image can now online update to the latest world / kernel / packages via the system updating mechanisms. Users running 9.1-RELEASE or earlier, please read the UPGRADING section below.
9.2-RELEASE Highlights
* Based on FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE.
* Bootable ZFS Boot Environments: using GRUB2, any new ZFS boot-environments created via the “beadm” command will be added to the boot-loader and available at boot-time.
* Re-written Life-Preserver utility: allows you to instantly create ZFS snapshots, restore files, and replicate data to a remote system or mirror to an additional local disk drive.
* Updated installer allows restoring the entire system from a replicated ZFS backup.
* New Boot Manager GUI: allows managing ZFS boot-environments and GRUB menus in a single location.
* PNGNG support: in addition to PBIs and the AppCafe, system admins and power users will now have access to a full PKGNG repository with frequent updates.
* Switched over to CDN for downloads: no more having to hunt for a closest mirror as downloads will automatically pull from our CDN service hosted by ScaleEngine.
* New version of AppCafe with new streamlining and PBI management functionality.
* GitHub migration: all PC-BSD / TrueOS sources are now available via GitHub (https://github.com/pcbsd and  https://github.com/trueos ).
* Warden updates:
– Support for setting various jail options via the GUI
– Option to create jail “templates” based upon different versions of FreeBSD
– Support for VIMAGE jails
– Jails without any IPV4 or IPV6 address assigned
* Graphical Package Manager: GUI supports basic or advanced mode, which allows full package management / upgrades.
* Home directory encryption: PEFS based encryption allows users to encrypt their home-directory contents with their login password, which is only unencrypted while logged in.
* Boot times improved substantially
* Binary “freebsd-update” server implemented allowing updates to different PC-BSD branches without re-compiling.

BSD Router Project 

BSDRP 1.5 is out, here are the majors changes:
- updated to FreeBSD 9.2 with some patches: autotune mbuf, pf NAT+UDP fix, etc..
- new kernel modules: stf — 6to4 tunnel interface module and hwpmc
- new package: openvpn
- net/fprobe was removed (native ng_netflow support netflow v9)
- cxgbtool/cxgbetool tools for configuring embedded firewall in Chelsio NIC

Full release note here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bsdrp/files/BSD_Router_Project/1.5/ 



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