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BSD Router Project 

BSDRP 1.5 is out, here are the majors changes:
- updated to FreeBSD 9.2 with some patches: autotune mbuf, pf NAT+UDP fix, etc..
- new kernel modules: stf — 6to4 tunnel interface module and hwpmc
- new package: openvpn
- net/fprobe was removed (native ng_netflow support netflow v9)
- cxgbtool/cxgbetool tools for configuring embedded firewall in Chelsio NIC

Full release note here:

Other news

Getting to know your [email protected] — Joe Marcus Clarke

This is the start of an ongoing series profiling members of the FreeBSD Ports Management Team.  In this interview, we talk to longest serving member of the team, Joe Marcus Clarke, aka [email protected]

b2k13 hackathon reports

Joerg Jung ([email protected]) - ports, IPv6 spamd 
Stefan Sperling ([email protected]) on athn(4), softraid, ports 
iod Vallat ([email protected]) on UTF-8 wscons 
Mike Larkin ([email protected]) on i386 and amd64 hibernation 
Sebastian Reitenbach ([email protected]) on GNUstep sope sogo 
Florian Obser ([email protected]) on nginx.conf(5), slowcgi

OpenBSD 5.4 preorders arriving in Europe 

The first report of OpenBSD 5.4 preorders arriving in Europe appeared on October 23, just over a week before the official November 1st release date! 

FreeBSD 10: Full ZFS install with encryption  

Jake Smith has put together a video showing a full ZFS install on FreeBSD 10 from bsdinstall menu, including full disk encryption.

Why UFS in FreeBSD is great

ZFS is of course the rock-star file system in FreeBSD, with numerous features and new ones frequently coming in, but UFS is also a pretty solid deal which is perfectly usable for a wide number of tasks. Here are some of my favourite UFS features.

A Brief Introduction | BSD Now 8 

We chat with Antti Kantee from the NetBSD project about a crazy little thing called rump kernels. We'll also be showing you all the different cool things you can do with BSD and the Tor network, as well as discussing all the latest news. So sit back and enjoy BSD Now - the place to B.. SD.

PC-BSD Weekly Feature Digest 10/25/13
In Other BSDs for 2013/10/26 
Miscelaneous FreeBSD links and updates 

NYI Whitepaper Available 

As part of our mission to serve the FreeBSD community, we have increased our efforts to educate people on FreeBSD. One of these efforts was to fund a project to produce white papers on using FreeBSD in different applications. Here's our first one called Managed Services Using FreeBSD at NYI by Joseph Kong. From the Executive Summary:

This white paper describes the challenges associated with being a managed services provider, which include interacting with the wider Internet, ensuring high availability, recovering from data loss, and compartmentalizing systems and data. To surmount these challenges, this white paper describes several FreeBSD-based solutions: PF, CARP, pfsync, HAProxy, GEOM mirroring, FreeNAS, ZFS, rsync, and jails. Each solution has been battle-tested by NYI, an ISP headquartered in New York, whose customers include Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, and Us Magazine.

[Phoronix] Arch BSD Is Still Around & Keeping It Simple

At the beginning of the year I wrote about a new project, Arch BSD, that aims to have Arch Linux powered atop the FreeBSD kernel. Arch BSD strives to be a lightweight and flexible BSD distribution that tries to "Keep It Simple" and nearly one year later the project is still kicking.



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