UNIX Wargames!

I don't remember where I did see this for the first time, but I think it's worth to write about it.


UNIX/Linux Wargames

Are you ready for a challenge?


So what is it? 

As project website states "The goal of the UNIX/Linux Wargames Project is to provide an environment for use by novice and experienced UNIX/Linux users and administrators for educational purposes."

And they are right. Nowadays, learning the hard way become very popular. Well, why not anyway? If I am not gonna try it myself, it's low chance I am gonna remember. And the more I try, the better I will remember. Practice makes perfect.  And here we can move from total beginners to experienced ones. How many times you did something difficult way, then to find out there is an easier one?

With this game, I would say, you might find new tools whether you are beginner or advanced command line user.

So how to play it? (Spoilers!)

To play and learn you need to head out for project website and register new account. Right after you will receive email with instructions.And yeah, you will need some SSH client to play (No idea what SSH is? Well, take it as your first challenge and google it!).

First step is to confirm yourself.

Once you activate your account you will be able to proceed with the Unix
Wargames, by using these details below:

SSH Username: intro
SSH Password: ******** (register and you will have it ;] )
SSH Port    : 1337
Server      : wargames.unix-heaven.org

Here is how to connect to the system using SSH from the command-line:

        $ ssh -l intro wargames.unix-heaven.org -p 1337

Once you are connected, execute the command below which contains all
further instructions.

        $ less introduction.txt

As you can see, email is very explanatory, so even total beginners can start without any problems.

After successful login, you will see this:

Looking for help?

Make sure to check our FAQ and forums:

    * http://wargames.unix-heaven.org/faq
    * http://wargames.unix-heaven.org/forums/index.php
If you are novice, I recommend going through that links. For your own good.

Next step, as mentioned in email is to do less introduction.txt.

There you will find basic game info and so. You will find out that the point of game is to find secret key that will let you go onto next chapter. And the same as at intro chapter, you will find txt file with instructions how to get that secret key in every next chapter.

For example chapter03.txt

                         | Chapter03 - More Counting |                         

The total number of all bytes in the data files minus the
total number of all lines will give you the key.


Hints: echo, ls(1), cat(1), wc(1), awk(1), bc(1), sed(1), pipe(7), diff(1)

Useful links:

* http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/arithexp.html
* http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/html_node/Pipelines.html
So you need to check how those hints works with man (eg man ls from your command line) or google and try to get the next key. Learning the fun way, if you don't mind trying and failing.

If you got stack, check the forums to get more hints.

Sounds boring? 

If you are professional, it might. Well, then why not to write own chapter? 

Please contact team with all the details about the new chapter.


If you are bored at your job, wanna compete with your colleagues who will finish first, or you just wanna learn something, I higly recommend playing it.

And recommend this to your friends.

I am gonna play myself, so see you in the game!

Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover