Transparency: ads, tracking, etc...

I believe in transparency.

So there some some things I wanna talk about. Mainly because things like blogs don't have TOS and User agreements or other noone-ever-read-that stuff.If you don't wanna be tracked by +DiscoverBSD , read on and I will tell you how to do it.

I. Tracking

This blog tracks it's readers. Well, as any other website does. Usually because it's useful one way or another.

 screenshot made by ghostery, I will talk about it later
1. AddThis - this is for adding sharing features to the blog. (If you like my posts, you can easy share them with this feature. That would be nice, actually ;] ) You can find it at bottom of every post.
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2. Google +1 - this is for Google + features that are at right side of blog -button and followers.

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3. Google AdSense - some time ago I added ads to blog. I would like to buy .info or .net domain, but I ain't got money so ads sounded like idea to get some funds.

There are maximum 3 ads at page. One at right side, other at bottom of blogposts.

If you wanna support this blog, please unblock it in AdBlock software.

AdSense pays for clicks, but anyway, I am not sure if I can share how many clicks I have and the earnings. So I will just say that I earned about one dollar. It's about month or so. Not much, but soon I will have 70 dollars and payout.  (Just kidding)

Anyway! (Please do not consider this that I am telling you to click on ads! That would be against the rules, and Google would kill me ;] That's not what I wanna.  )

I am telling this just to be transparent.  If you wanna support me financially, consider using flattr.

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4. Google Analytics

I guess the most of people know about this one. With Analytics I can see where people come from to my blog, how long they spend on blog and so. I find this information very useful, I can see what people like etc.

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II. How not to be tracked (disable trackers and ads)? 

Even most of people do not think about it, websites are full of trackers that watch your behaviour so they can deliver you personalized ads, recommend likes on facebook, personalize context on website or whatever. Some people don't mind (or actually like it) and some don't.

As this blog also has trackers, I wanna show my readers how to disable them in case they do not wanna be tracked.

There are many anti trackers, you can google them, so I will show example of one that I use. Ghostery. It's browser extension, you can read more in their About page.But in general, with Ghostery you can block trackers so they do not watch your behaviour. Or unblock some that you don't mind (maybe you don't mind Google or Facebook). But be careful what you block, sometimes it block useful stuff like some embedded SoundCloud or other social features. You can choose what to block, so one needs to find out what works and what does not. 

This will also block Ads.

In case you don't mind trackers but don't like ads, you can still use AdBlock. And then you can also choose at what pages to block ads. I find it very easy, and at any rate there's a lot of web tutorials and how-tos.  

That might be it, so happy reading ;]

Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover