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FreeBSD  9.2-RC2 - JabirOS 1.0.1 - DragonFly BSD GSoC - Viking OS - OpenBSD 64-bit time - BSDTalk - vBSDCon


FreeBSD 9.2-RC2 has been announced. 

FreeBSD 9.2-RC2 has been announced.
Changes between -RC1 and -RC2 include:
  • Fix a boot issue caused by some GPT partitioning tools.
  • Fix a regression that caused some PCI disk controllers disappearing during boot.
  • Fix the FTP path used to fetch distribution packages when installing from the bootonly.iso.
  • Fix a regression in sendmail that caused problems between the resolver and Microsoft DNS servers with AAAA lookups.
  • Disable MSIs with Adaptec 2230S and 2820SA (aac(4)).
  • Update FTP mirror list used by bsdinstall(8) and bsdconfig(8).
  • Fix panics caused by early interrupts in igb(4).
  • Fix panics when downing or unloading the mlx(4) driver.

JabirOS 1.0.1 is released!

We’re pleased to announce new release of “The new JabirOS” after a long time! This version is based on FreeBSD 9.2-RC1. In this version , we’ve added  ”OpenBox” as default window manager and “SLiM” as default display manager.
In this release , we don’t have any web browser, player or office suite. you can install them after using “pkg_add”.
And we have a new installer called “jabirinstall”. jabirinstall is a simple shell script. Installation process is very similar to ArchBSD/Archlinux. you can find installation guide here.
In picture , you can see “JabirOS + OpenBox + Xterm”.
X11 , OpenBox , feh , nano , sudo , rsync and a lot of software are added in this release.

Other news

DragonFly and Summer of Code, week 8

If you look at the reports from students this week, they are mostly “I had bugs and I fixed them and there’s not much to do other than test”, which is the sign of well-planned projects.   Here’s the status reports:

64-bit Time on OpenBSD

Phillip Guenther([email protected]) has rolled over time on OpenBSD to 64 bits, avoiding Yet Another Time Apocalypsetm for at least another week. Read more... 

FreeBSD Powering Open-Source Wearable Computing: Viking OS

“Are you still clinging on to your Smartphone? Embrace the future with Viking. Smartphones are outdated.”
   We have all heard of Google Glass and many geeks are eagerly waiting for the announcement when these glasses will be available to all. You may not have heard about a software company called Brilliant Service which is based []

bsdtalk230 – vBSDcon with Verisign CTO Burt Kaliski

Interview with Verisign CTO Burt Kaliski about vBSDcon.
More information at

vBSDCon: Registration Open, Hacker Lounge, Doc Sprints

Verisign is hosting a new biennial BSD conference (vBSDCon) in Dulles, VA from October 25-27. The conference, formatted to resemble the unConference concept, will bring together members of the BSD community for a series of roundtable discussions, educational sessions, best practice conversations, and exclusive networking opportunities.

In addition to the schedule of talks, the event will host a nightly hacker lounge for developers as well as nightly doc sprints. If you are interested in learning how to contribute to BSD documentation, drop by the doc sprint room where doc committers will be available to get you started. The BSDA certification exam will also be available on Saturday evening.

Registration is now open. The fee is only $75 and includes the welcome dinner on Friday and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

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