August BSD releases

It's been a long month. Pretty much the same as any other August. BSD folks were really busy so we can get some fresh releases.

Here is a list of some (based on time of release, from beginning till end of August +-).

FreeNAS 9.1.0

The FreeNAS development team is delighted to announce the general release of FreeNAS 9.1.0. This release offers massive improvements to the usability, extensibility, stability, and performance of FreeNAS. Everything from the web user interface, plugin management system, base operating system, ZFS file system, and even the source control used to manage the project have been substantially improved. 

FreeBSD 9.2-RC1


FreeBSD 9.2-RC2

JabirOS 1.0.1 

We’re pleased to announce new release of “The new JabirOS” after a long time! This version is based on FreeBSD 9.2-RC1. In this version , we’ve added  ”OpenBox” as default window manager and “SLiM” as default display manager.
In this release , we don’t have any web browser, player or office suite. you can install them after using “pkg_add”.
And we have a new installer called “jabirinstall”. jabirinstall is a simple shell script. Installation process is very similar to ArchBSD/Archlinux. you can find installation guide here.
In picture , you can see “JabirOS + OpenBox + Xterm”.
X11 , OpenBox , feh , nano , sudo , rsync and a lot of software are added in this release.

NetBSD 6.1.1 

The NetBSD Project is pleased to announce NetBSD 6.1.1, the first security/bugfix update of the NetBSD 6.1 release branch. It represents a selected subset of fixes deemed important for security or stability reasons.
For more details, please see the 6.1.1 release notes.
Complete source and binaries for NetBSD 6.1.1 are available for download at many sites around the world. A list of download sites providing FTP, AnonCVS, SUP, and other services may be found at


GhostBSD 3.5-BETA1

FreeNAS 9.1.1-RC2

FreeBSD 9.2-RC3

MidnightBSD 0.4-RELEASE-p2
MidnightBSD 0.4-RELEASE-p3

BSD Router Project Nightly builds upgraded to FreeBSD 9.2-RC3

GhostBSD 3.5-BETA2


A number of cosmetic issues, UI tracebacks and outright bugs (such as 32 bit plugins not working) have been addressed since 9.1 was released. A few features that were known to be broken, such as AIO in Samba3 or IPv6 in plugin jails, were also disabled to avoid people shooting their feet off.
Finally, a number of important ZFS stability fixes were also picked up from the TrueOS repo during the creation of 9.1.1-RELEASE.
Thank you for all your participation and assistance during the 9.1.1 BETA and Release Candidate process. This release benefited significantly from your suggestions and bug reports!
For a list of all bugs closed between FreeNAS 9.1.0 and FreeNAS 9.1.1, please see
FreeNAS 9.1.1-RELEASE can be downloaded from as well as from CDN and SourceForge.

 I might have missed something, feel free to correct me in comments.


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