The ÆrieBSD: OpenBSD fork you probably haven't heard about


As project website says: 

The ÆrieBSD project is a multi-platform UNIX-like operating system.
Base system only includes software with free licenses.
This includes a C compiler and other building tools.
Thus the base system source tree is also a test case for the tools!

And also:

We are a group of individuals who like to hack operating systems. We are not driven by any kind of corporate agenda or market sales and thus can produce the best software ever, properly written. There is not any business or corporate backing (or even sponsourship) for the project. We even pay for it with our ice cream change! Since our time and resources are limited we use lots of software developed by other peoples and projects. Here is what our goals are (not necessarily in the order of priority):
  • First of all hacking shall be fun and thus we resent any sort of political gaming and ego worshipping inside the project. If you want to be famous and naked -- here be a wrong place for you.
  • Henceforth developers are the only real value that we have and this is who the project is for.
  • Be open to the community and provide transparency of how the project works.
  • Provide free and functional best possible development environment. This includes free access to all source code, free development tools (compilers, assemblers, linkers, debuggers, text formatting tools, etc), various libraries and documentation.
  • Support various hardware platforms
  • Implement common standards.
  • Pay attention to security and correctness.
  • Provide a stable release cycle, although right now we are working on our first release (;
To keep the code free we prefer code licensed with ISC or 2- or 3-clause Berkeley style licenses. GPL is not really acceptable in the tree as through the years it has proven to be alot of trouble and counter-progressive.

 Is this alive then?  


Website states 2 mailing list:

Both of them seems pretty much dead. Last activity (if not counting spam) is around 2010.

Thought, there is kinda active git here. There are less then 10 commits in 2013, last in March. 

So this OS seems to be pretty much one-man project. We shall see in few years whether its still gonna be around.

There is an old blog post that you might find interesting too. 


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