(Don't) Flattr DiscoverBSD!

In case you spend some time on DiscoverBSD, and look around it, you might see small change.

Yep, go there up and right. The mighty Flatter button. With zero next to it.

Well, and it will probably stay that way. I mean the zero value. And in fact that's totally fine!

So what's Flatter? 

It's way how to support stuff online you like.

Once you create account, you can choose your monthly budget - the money you wanna spend on supporting what you like. Then you just go and surf the web - listen music, read blog, watch videos, whatever wherever you do. And when doing that, you might see the flatter button. If you click it, that means you wanna support it. As the months go, you might find more interesting stuff and flattr it. At the end of each month, the Flattr folks take calculators and divide your monthly budget to projects you flattred.

And next month, you will for sure find something else you like. And with flattr there's easy way to support content you wanna see.

Well... am I asking for money?

Nope ;] I will write this blog just like I was writing before. Because I want to. In this post, I wanna propagate Flattr a bit, because I find it great. Right now I am student, so not that easy for me to support content creators, but when I'll have job and so, I wanna use Flattr to support stuff I like.

Well, in case you feel like inviting me for beer or cup of coffee, you are very welcome to do it via Flattr indeed ;]

And BSD?

I've tried to find out wheter some BSD project uses Flattr, but seems like not.  
Thanks for reading.


Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover