BSD News 06/17/13

Last week in BSD

FreeBSD and Skype - ntfs-3g and OpenBSD - TrueNAS and Citrix - GhostBSD updates - MidnightBSD updates - JabirBSD sources


Linux Skype on FreeBSD working

If you need Skype on FreeBSD (be aware though ;-), Artyom Mirgorodskiy managed to get the Linux version of Skype ( to work on FreeBSD. The FreeBSD Skype port is deprecated, but if you follow the steps in Artyom’s guide, it should work fine.
Linux Skype on FreeBSD

OpenBSD ntfs-3g complete !

sysutils/ntfs-3g is now in ports, patches are needed on libfuse but that's now merged in the tree. What will be needed at the moment is to add two lines in the kernel config (yes, it mean that you need to recompile the kernel until the following is added to GENERIC)
option FUSE
pseduo-device fuse 10
That's cool to see ntfs support in OpenBSD ! :)

TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliance now Citrix Certified

iXsystems, the all-around FreeBSD company that builds FreeBSD certified servers and storage solutions, has announced that their TrueNAS Unified Storage Appliance has been now been certified as Citrix Ready.
"As a member of the Citrix Ready program, we are able to offer our clients intelligent solutions that combine TrueNAS unified storage with Citrix XenServer,” said Peter Allen, Applied Engineering Specialist. “The offering demonstrates our plans to work with trusted partners, through the Citrix Ready partner ecosystem, in order to provide the highest quality experience for our clients.”

GhostBSD May 2013 Reports

GhostBSD 3.5 development is started. The new installer development is in heavy testing and debugging stage. The software list on 3.5 will be more uniform, like Firefox, Thunderbird, Banshee, Brasero, gThumb, Apache OpenOffice and more. This will prevent some confusion for some user and more easy for developers to maintain.


  • New branch for 0.4 created RELENG_0_4.
  • We're in the process of updating mports to fix the previously reported security vulnerabilities.  The ports tree might be unstable during this process as we flush out bugs caused by the updates.
    x11-servers, x11-fonts, x11, x11-toolkits (related to X), devel/xorg-macros, devel/pkgconf, etc. have been updated so far. " 7.7" We've got updated GNUstep back, base & gui ports so far.  Bacula and tarsnap were added to mports tonight.

The new JabirOS sources are available now!

Hi. The new JabirOS sources available for download now. you can download, compile and upload your custom images. we’re looking for people who can compile system and build ISOs. Download link is available in Downloads page.

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