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FreeBSD release - Google Summer of Code - DragonFlyBSD pkgsrc freeze - BSDCan Videos - OpenBSD Radeon KMS - NEW wallapaper of the week! 



Please be sure to check the Release Notes (detailed version) and Release Errata before installation for any late-breaking news and/or issues with 8.4. More information about FreeBSD releases can be found on the Release Information page.


Other News

DragonFlyBSD: pkgsrc-2013Q2 freeze coming up
  ... will happen at 06:59 UTC June 17th 2013. The freeze is for infrastructure changes, and no new packages will be allowed to be added. We expect the freeze to last no longer than 2 weeks.



  DragonFlyBSD: First Summer of Code description: Capsicum

Joris GIOVANNANGELI has posted a description of his Summer of Code project for DragonFly, implementing the Capsicum kernel APIs.  I expect the other students will post summaries soon, too.


DragonFlyBSD: Another Summer of Code project: vkernels and hardware

Another DragonFly/Google Summer of Code project introduction is up: Mihai Carabas wrote out his project on developing hardware nested page table support for vkernels.  If Mihai’s name seems familiar, it’s because he was in Summer of Code for DragonFly last year, with a successful project.

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 FreeBSD Projects announced

gsoc2013-freebsdGoogle has chosen the 15 FreeBSD related projects below for Google Summer of Code 2013 which will start this month.
You will notice that most of the work will be around package management (ports, pkgng) and virtualisation (Xen, BHyve, VirtualBox) and file systems (FUSE, GlusterFS).
I think these are very interesting projects and will add great value to FreeBSD (10) when completed. It is probably a much greater project than can be done over the summer, but I think it would be great to see DragonFly’s HAMMER filesystem ported to FreeBSD (if possible).


NetBSD's Google Summer of Code™ Projects 2013

The following projects have been chosen for Google Summer of Code™ this year (sorted by student's last name):
  • Port Linux's drm/kms/gem/i915
  • Student: Myron Aub
  • System upgrade
  • Student: gnrp
  • Implement file system flags to scrub data blocks before deletion
  • Student: Przemyslaw Sierocinski
  • Make NetBSD a supported guest OS under VirtualBox
  • Student: Haomai Wang
  • Defragmentation for FFS in NetBSD
  • Student: Manuel Wiesinger
We hope these students will have an interesting, successful, and also fun summer working with us, heap glory upon their names and do their mentors proud. :)
We thank all students who discussed and submitted proposals; as in every year, slots are limited and we have to let go worthy proposals.

 OpenBSD Foundation: Call for support to continue Radeon KMS work

Bob Beck (beck@) wrote in a message to the OpenBSD mailing lists behalf of the OpenBSD Foundation:
Some of you may be aware of the recent developments in -current that have brought us Intel KMS Support. With this we get proper accellerated X on current and future Intel graphics hardware. There are a few other nice side benefits to this work:
- We gain the ability to use the kernel debugger and get debugging information when the system panics when you are in X windows.

- This also provides support for modern graphics outputs like HDMI and DisplayPort.

BSDCan Trip Report: Warren Block

The next trip report is from Warren Block.

The videos for BSDCan 2013 are now on YouTube.

The schedule has been updated so each talk contains a link to its video.
If there's no video link, we don't know where the video is. If you find it, please let us know.
We're working on getting the missing three videos up. And Brad Davis' video has no sound. Working on that too.

Wallpaper of the week 


as found at 25 Cool and Geeky BSD Wallpapers

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