Design competition!

Any design guys in here? I am looking for one to make a logo/cover for DiscoverBSD! 

As you can see on +DiscoverBSD  site, the actual logo is this one: 

(I admit, I googled it.)

Background on + is one of defaults: 

What I wanna? 


Should be some BSD Daemon modification (I really like the one I am using now), but let's be creative, I can go with whatever you can come with...


I would like to see BSD distributions logos in there, but again, let's be creative...


What in exchange? 

Well, I can not pay, I am student. But, do you see red line in cover? I let you write your name in there, website, few words about world peace, probably whatever. 

What time do we have? 

Plenty. I can wait. And I do not know how well I can propagate this and make people send me some ideas.

Where to send my ideas?

Links in comment section would be awesome.

Do you know some designers? Please help me and share this post!


Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover