BSD News 05/28/13

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MariaDB and FreeBSD - dports Manpage - BSDTalk - BSDCan trip report - Absolute OpenBSD review - PCBSD HW Store

Migrate From MySQL to MariaDB In FreeBSD

unixmen has put together a howto showing how to migrate your databases from MySQL to MariaDB.
As most of you will be aware, since Oracle took over MySQL and took control of the project, a lot changed. Oracle doesn’t like open source and hence MySQL is dying a slow death. MySQL’s founder, Michael Widenius (+Michael Widenius), left the project and set up the competing MariaDB (+mariadb) database project.

Man page for dports

Sascha Wildner’s added a man page for dports.  Don’t forget the existing how-to page.

bsdtalk227 - ZFS with Matt Ahrens

bsdtalkInterview with Matt Ahrens from Delphix during BSDCan 2013.  Matt was part of the original team that developed ZFS.

Ogg link:

BSDCan Trip Report: Eitan Adler

The FreeBSD Foundation sponsored 7 attendees of BSDCan 2013. The first trip report is from Eitan Adler, a doc committer, who attended the BSDCan Developers Summit.

Book review: Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition

Michael W. Lucas wrote a new edition to his Absolute OpenBSD book, and that second edition was published relatively recently.  It’s a hefty book, nearly 500 pages in length, and I’ve needed to write a review for some time now.  Not-necessarily-relevant-disclaimer: I contributed the IPv6 haiku/joke at the start of Chapter 12.  

PC-BSD Hardware Store

Josh Smith has announced the initial launch of the PC-BSD hardware store. This resource is meant to make it easier to find hardware that has been tested to work on PC-BSD.  The store itself is here. If you have hardware that you know works and which you don’t see listed, please add it to the Hardware section of the wiki so that it can be included.


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