Hello BSD

Let's search BSD in DuckDuckGo :

Berkeley Software Distribution, a free Unix-like operating system, and numerous variants
 And now we can guess, what this blog is gonna be about. BSD.

I have some Linux experience (I've been using Debian for few years now). But nothing special: if I can use gui tools, I usually prefer them. But I am not afraid to use command line as well. 

And I always wanted to use BSD, or at least to try. And recently, oportunity showed up: my school gave me new laptop, so I got hardware to play with (and I also got my old laptop).

What's the plan? 
First, I wanna do some research about BSD (so I know it's past, various forms, usage) and then play with it. I will need to figure out what exactly I wanna do, but I think find some BSD to go as my everyday desktop would be great (might become Debian replacement). And I hope to learn a lot.

So stay tuned, please!
 I might need your help, or even I might help you!  

Jan Hovancik

software developer - guitar player - poetry lover