DesktopBSD alive again!

Anyone remember this logo?

Well, you've might seen this one. But probably long time ago. Kinda like 2-3 years.


DesktopBSD aims at being a stable and powerful operating system for desktop users.
DesktopBSD combines the stability of FreeBSD, the usability and functionality of KDE and the simplicity of specially developed software to provide a system that's easy to use and install.
No, it's not some PC-BSD misspell.

I personally remember DesktopBSD from about 5 years ago, when I wanted o try some BSD distribution for the first time, and I wanted some nice graphical install. Indeed I did, and as you guess, I did not end-up using it (sound and wifi not working, even I was trying to get it work).

But back to DesktopBSD. Last version was released September 7, 2009. Version 1.7, based on FreeBSD 7.2 ,was not fork of FreeBSD (and previous versions as well). Difference was graphical installer, graphical tool for networking and devices and graphical tool for ports.

After that release, development ceased. 

In 2010, however, there was a restart of development by some German group. They had .eu domain, but this effort wasn't successful. I remember the website had some forum, but it was in German. When I was writing with developers, it seemed like they are not very good in English, or my English was very bad that time. If I remember right, there was no release by that team of developers.

New advancement of DesktopBSD was announced 13th March 2013. is becoming active again. If you wanna check things out, I recommend visiting forum. It's not very active now, but everyone can change it.

Anyway, I am waiting and wondering how will this effort go. 

Right now, they are looking for possible torrent administrator, webmaster. Check the forum to see more.


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